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Never, in all my years, have I heard the weather forecast call for “life-threatening” temperatures and wind chills. Media hype or not, it’s going to be cold in all parts of the country not only in the coming days and weeks, but for the remainder of the winter season. I really don’t mind the cold temperatures, until I have to leave the house.

Tomorrow, I have to get preschool boy and elementary girl to school. I have organized undergarments, pants, sweaters, tights, dress, coats, scarves, hats, mittens and boots for myself and two children. I’ve also made sure our “car woobies” (car blankets) are in place. Because we have lived in a “very” Southern climate since my eldest was born, we don’t update our winter wardrobes very often and I was struggling to coordinate our disparate items. Therefore, I’m searching online for some unique cold-weather outerwear to update our inventory.

The bonus? Because it is “end of season” for online retailers, many of the items you and I need for the coming months are already on deep discount. Squeeeeaall! Every online retailer has solid color coats, hats and mittens, but below are some of the unique items I’ve found (and ordered) in my search.

Keep Warm with Unique Outerwear

For Littles

Faux Leopard Hat (on sale $9.98)
Chasing Fireflies Leopard Hat

Reversible Rocket Puff Coat (on sale $14.99) & Matching Reversible Puff Pants (on sale $14.99)
Lands End Jacket and Snow Pants

BOGS Pull-On Waterproof Boots (on sale $54.00)
BOGS boots

Ralph Lauren Cotton Sampler Hooded Bunting ($134.99)
Ralph Lauren Bunting

Pendleton Wool Crib Blanket ($79.50)
Wool Crib Blanket

For Mama & Home

Hand-Knit Scarflette & Fingerless Mitts ($70)
Scarflette & Fingerless Gloves

Sheepskin Gloves (on sale $99.00 with an additional 40% off)
Shearling Gloves

Betsey Johnson Fun Fetti Arm Warmer ($21.99)
Fun Fetti Arm Warmer

Cable Knit & Faux Sheepskin Throw ($129)
cable knit & faux sheepskin throw

Hold My Hand Mittens ($49.99)
Holding Hands Mittens

Happy shopping and stay warm!

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    Okay, that holding hand mitten is just too adorable. Love it!

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