The tag line for this diaper bag is fashionable and functional and they certainty didn’t disappoint.  With my first baby I wanted a traditional “diaper bag” because well, everyone else had one.  With the second I just used a big purse and now with number 3 I’ve learned I need the diaper bag organization but I really don’t want it to look like I’m carrying a diaper bag.  The LinaJake diaper bag is trendy and has plenty of nooks and crannies to stash the multitude of baby items you need.  After you’re out of the diaper stage it would make a great travel bag.

LinaJake Diaper Bag Review

The outside is made from a polyester exterior that wipes clean easily and the snakeskin pattern is really cute and it comes in three colors: green, orange and purple.

LinaJake Diaper Bag Review

Not only does it have really cute handles, but it also comes with a shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry when juggling a baby and groceries.  The shoulder strap is long enough to drape it over your stroller as well.

Lina Jake Diaper Bag Review

Inside are tons of pockets to keep things organized.  I have diapers, a giant package of wipes, outfits, a sling, my wallet and a bag of mom essentials and there’s easily room for more.  There’s a zipper pocket to keep items from falling out, a large side pocket (where my diapers are), two elasticized pockets (where I’ve got an emergency bottle), and a bottle holder inside (with elastic so the bottle/sippy cup doesn’t tip over).  The exterior has two bottle holders as well (or key stashes.  I always put mine there so I’m not digging though the bag for them.).

Lina Jake Diaper Bag Review LinaJake Diaper Bag interior

And while it’s a bigger bag, it easily fits in the basket of my stroller with room for other items.

LinaJake Diaper Bag Review

The LinaJake bag has two looks: a more slim line look when the snaps on the outside are closed (see photo at the top) and a tote look when the are separate (see below).  The zipper on the top keeps everything inside.  There are several super cute scarfs you can purchase to spice your bag up even more on the LinaJake website.

LinaJake Diaper Bag Review

Shop for Less!  LinaJake is providing The Shopping Mama readers with an exclusive code to save 20% on top of their 20% promotion.  Use THEMAMA20 along with their current promotion LINAJAKE20 to save a total of 40% when the codes are stacked together. The LinaBag is regularly priced $109.

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    I always need more sleep! In order to get up early so I can get everyone else going for the day and with a baby keeping me up half the night sleep is something that is a definite must when I can get it. 🙂

  2. 2.
    D Schmidt

    I need more sleep because I have yet to get either of my children to sleep through the night and they are two and four! I tell myself every day that they will get the knack soon but no luck as of yet.

  3. 3.
    vickie couturier

    I always made sure my kids had a bedtime routine,,teeth brushed, go potty,,story read an then lights out ,,if that routine got messed up we were all in trouble,,,a set bedtime is a must for kids ,,now I have grandkids an its the dang dog that wakes us up in the middle of the night to go out,but we are working on a routine for him too,,lol

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    I do not have a little one *yet*, but we are hoping to start a family this year. I know I may struggle finding a good sleep routine when that time comes, so I have been absorbing all of the tips I can get!

  5. 5.
    Mary Beth Elderton

    For me keeping a routine–sticking close to the same sleep and wake up times– is the best way to sleep well.

  6. 6.
    Sarah Hayes

    stay consistant with the routine

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    Miranda Welle

    Our bedtime routine includes family story time and prayers. I STILL need more sleep because our 18 month old wakes multiple times each night. 🙁

  8. 8.
    Amber Timm

    The thing that’s helped us get a our kids on a good schedule is sticking to the routine. Dinner, bath, pjs, story, lights out, I’m so thankful that I knew about that when the kids were babies! It helps so much to start when they’re tiny 🙂

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    I have 4 mo old twins, so I need more sleep

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    amy pugmire

    our schedule consists of dinner, homework, baths, reading, prayers and bedtime 🙂

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    Patti Hess

    He gets a bath, we lower the lights in his room, we read a story and then sing him to sleep

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thank you

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    Get ready for bed myself as soon as the children go down-it helps me to start winding down

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    I need more sleep because I’m a chronic insomniac who’s up all hours.

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    we just moved out of state less than a week before Christmas, and hosted Christmas for our family! School just started back up and I have been running like crazy! I am also extremely anemic, to the point where I have to get transfusions, so I am exhausted at all times! I could seriously go to sleep and sleep for at least 3 days straight right now!

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    We brush teeth, read stories, sing a bedtime song, snuggle for a few minutes and then I rub my little ones backs before sending them off to sleep.

  16. 16.

    We always sing a song and read a book before bedtime.

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  18. 18.
    Cassandra Eastman

    I give my little ones a warm bath before bed, and lavender lotion really seems to help them relax and sleep better!

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    Rochel S

    I love the Green bag!!

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    the orange is great

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    I love the purple

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    I like the green bag!

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    Beth W

    I love bright and fun colors so I love the orange one.

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    chana u


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    I like the green best!

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