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The Northeast Girl: Lace ‘Em Up!

By Lauren Barth |

Frye Lace Up Work BookWell, I’m seriously considering changing my blog name to “The Boot Girl” because evidently I’m still on a quest to find the perfect pair!  Thankfully, I know I’ll ultimately get to keep my beloved Northeast Girl title because I think we all know that will never happen and so instead, I’ll just keep reporting back to you all on my favorites!

Frye Lace Up Work BookAfter a full fall and now into winter, I’ve been wearing booties like there’s no other options out there.  Granted, I love them and can honestly find so many ways to dress them up, down, and everywhere in between…but I was looking for a change!  I was looking for something that was nothing like what I already had in my closet.  While flipping through some magazines a few weeks ago, I noticed one picture of a pair of lace up boots, but they were really thick soled, wide, and just way too chunky.  While I really liked the lace style, I needed to find a pair that was more suitable all around for my own tastes.  I wanted a skinner boot with a much thinner sole so it was less like a combat boot and more like a…well…this boot!

Frye Lace Up Work Book

First, these most perfect lace up boots, or what Frye is calling a “Work Boot”, are so unbelievably soft around the ankles and super light in weight.  This is so important because who really wants a heavy, structured and stiff leather boot rubbing against their ankle and leg all day long?  They also have leather laces which, I think, completely class them up as opposed to a typical fabric or yarn-type of lace.  While there are a few choices in the leather color (4!), I ultimately went with the “Whiskey” brown because it wasn’t too dark but also, I already have a similar pair of moto boots in my most favorite cognac color that I really wanted to avoid and I must say, the color is absolutely gorgeous!  Finally, I love that you can wear the laces up to the top of the boot nice and snug for a streamlined fit or you can take the laces out of the top few holes and wear them in a much more relaxed style, like I did here.  The leather is soft enough for you to flare them out around the ankle, which is exactly what I was hoping for when I purchased them.

Frye Lace Up Work Book

While my head is spinning as I envision the possibilities for wearing these beauties, I went with black today so I could let them take center stage.  A few minor accessories to keep things exciting and this outfit is ready to go.  The weather in Las Vegas lately has been so unseasonably warm, I honestly can’t figure out what to wear anymore.  It feels like late spring in Pennsylvania right now and I’m still in disbelief that it’s still only January.  I won’t lie, either, and tell you that I’m scared of what summer is going to bring this year if it’s already 70* here in the middle of “winter”.  Yikes!

Frye Lace Up Work Book

Frye “Work Boot” / Black Tee / J.Crew Factory Ponte Skirt, identical one here / Denim Jacket / Scarf / Tights / Envelope Clutch

So, there you have it.  Do we think I’m completed my quest for the perfect boot this winter?  I guess only time will tell!  I sure do have my sights set on some spring fashion that’s started popping up here and there so I think we’re in the clear!  I hope I’m not the only one who can really appreciate a great pair of boots these days!  I just love the way quality leather looks, feels, and even smells.

So tell me, will you be trying out the lace up boots this year?

Frye Lace Up Work Book

Thanks for checking in with me on this wonderful Friday!  I hope you stop by and see me and all my latest fashion finds each day over at The Northeast Girl, too!   Have a great weekend!!!

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