Traveling with Kids: Fes, Morocco

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Travel to Fes Morocco with Kids

I am so excited to share some of my favorite photos and experiences of our recent family trip to Fes, Morocco. We flew directly from Frankfurt Hahn Airport to Fes, Morocco and spent three nights exploring and taking in all that we possibly could. We travel a lot, but I never really thought I’d make it to Africa. It was more rewarding and amazing than I could have possibly imagined. I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous about traveling to Morocco with our children, but I am so glad that we did.

This post is very photo heavy. I think the photos do a far better job of describing Morocco than my words ever could.

Fes, Morocco Medina Riad

As two families with a combined 6 kids, ages ranging from 1 to 11, we knew we wanted to stay in our own riad. (A riad is a home built around an indoor patio.) We found Dar Mia and immediately booked it was confirmed available for our travel dates. The riad was built in the 17th century and is located right in the medina (old walled city) of Fes.

Fes Morocco Riad Door

Dar Mia Riad Door

Fes Morocco Riad Indoor Patio Fes Medina Morocco Riad Indoor PatioFes Morocco Riad Tiled HallwayFes Morocco Indoor Patio Tile Fes Morocco Riad Colorful Light Fes Morocco Riad Indoor Fountain Detail

The riad had a large rooftop patio, where we enjoyed breakfast each morning. It was also a lovely place to sit and relax after a day of walking and sightseeing.

Fes Riad Rooftop Fes Morocco Rooftop Patio Light

 Discovering Fes

The city is truly a maze of 9500 alleys. There are no streets with names or numbers to help identify places. So, if left to our own devices we would have wandered around completely lost. Instead, we hired a guide to show us around Fes and it was money very well spent.
Fes Morocco Medina AlleyWalking with a Guide in Fes Morocco

We brought the Nuna PEPP stroller and, while narrow, it barely fit through some of the alleys! I totally spaced and forgot a baby carrier (d’oh!) so I improvised one morning and made a baby carrier out of one of the blankets from our riad.

Walking in Fes Morocco Medina Nuna Leaf Fes Morocco Baby Sling Made of Blanket in Fes Morocco

Many of the alleys are lined with small shop stalls. During the day when the souk (market) is in full swing, there are thousands of people wandering and shopping. There are no stores around Fes, and rather these little sellers who offer specific products, including food.
Fes Morocco Souk MarketsFes Medina ClementinesFes Morocco Snails for SaleMoroccan woman at market

Some of the food is also sold from carts that can move around town. The round bread (in the photo below) was served at every meal we had, including breakfasts at our riad and meals out.

Fes Morocco Milk CartFes Morocco Bread Cart

One of the main stops on our Fes tour was the Tanneries – an amazing site to see men working to prepare and dye leather in the same way they’ve been doing it for hundreds of years.

Fes Morocco Tannerie Chouara Fes Morocco Tannerie Fes Morocco Tannerie Shoes and Slippers

There are no roads in the Fes medina and, so, no cars. To transport things around the city, locals use donkeys, honkeys (horse + donkey) and carts. Our kids loved riding a honkey to reach the Tanneries.

Fes Morocco Donkey Ride to TannerieFes Morocco Medina DonkeyCarts in Fes Morocco There are 320 districts in Fes. Each district has a mosque, a school, a bakery and a water fountain. Many homes do not have running water so many fountains were crowded with people filling large buckets to take home.

Fes Medina Morocco Water FountainFes Morocco Woman Getting Water

We stumbled upon a Quaran school where the children were singing. They invited our kids in to say hello.

Fes Medina Quaran SchoolFes Morocco Quaran School Students

Food in Fes

The food in Fes was a very pleasant surprise. I had no idea what to expect, honestly. I knew I would try everything and have plenty to eat, but I never imagined loving the food as much as I did. It was all delicious. The breakfasts in our riad were bread and different pancake-kind-of-things of different textures and thickness. It was all served with honey, jam and the most delicious fresh squeezed orange juice I’ve ever had.

Fes Morocco Cold Salads Fes Medina Rooftop Lunch Bean Salad Fes Morocco Chicken Pastille Fes Morroco Rooftop LunchChicken Olives Lemons in Fes Morocco

We ate many meals prepared in a tagine, including one meal at home prepared in a tagine the side of a chair. It was HUGE.

Morocco Tagines

Tagines at a restaurant outside Fes, Morocco

In addition to the circle bread, we had mint tea with every meal.

Mint Tea in Fes Morocco

Monkeys in Morocco at the Cedar Forest

We hired a driver to take us on a day trip outside the city of Fes and to the Cedar Forest. We knew we wanted to do something to entertain the kids and because Fes is located too far from the Sahara Desert for a day trip to ride camels, we planned a visit to see monkeys. We made a few stops along the way and it was really neat to see different parts of the country – the landscape was so different! – but the highlight of our day was definitely the Cedar Forest.

Riding Horses and Donkeys in the Cedar Forest Morocco

There were monkeys everywhere. On the advice of our driver, we picked up a large bag of clementines at a market and fed them to the monkeys. The kids each took a turn holding out fruit to a monkey who would snatch it and then devour it! Juice was flying, I tell you.

Monkeys in the Cedar Forest Morocco Feeding Monkeys Cedar Forest Morocco Cedar Forest Morocco Monkeys Grooming Cedar Forest Mom and Baby MonkeysCedar Forest Morocco with monkeys Monkey eating clementines in the Cedar Forest MoroccoMonkey in the Cedar Forest Morocco

Fes, Morocco with Kids {Video}

My husband loves to make videos of our trips and I’m excited to share the video he made of our trip to Fes. Enjoy!


So, there you have it! A photo recap of our amazing family trip to Fes, Morocco. It was a once in a lifetime trip that I won’t soon forget. I am so thankful we were able to go and that our children were able to experience such a different culture – even for a short time.

Graffiti in Fes, Morocco

Graffiti in Fes, Morocco

Please comment if you have questions or requests for specific photos. I have literally hundreds of photos and many happy memories I’d love to share. 



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    This trip looks amazing, I love that you are taking advantage of your time in Germany and traveling, the pictures are so fun to see!

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      We are definitely trying to make the most of our time here by seeing as much as we possibly can.

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    Lou and Mary Jane

    Great posting Kate, almost like being there. Thank you for sharing. GREAT job.

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      Thanks! It was such an amazing trip.

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    Can you give me info on who you used for tours?? Taking my 2 kids by myself in march! So any other helpful info would be awesome!!!

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      We booked our tours through the driver arranged from the home we rented. If you’re staying at a riad, I recommend asking them to refer you to a driver. Or, you can of course get in touch with the folks who helped us at the Dar Mia website.

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    Hi Kate, what a great trip and lovely pictures! Really wonderful! I am a french mom of 3, currently living in Rome, who loves traveling as a family. Here is my website about traveling with kids (work still in progress) : The point is to share family travel experiences, so I would be glad to share yours on my website. If ever it seems possible and you’d like to, thanks to let me know. Thanks a lot, hope to hear from you.

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