DIY Easter Trees

By Lauren Barth |

Springtime decorations are so much fun! I have always wanted an Easter tree. I love the ones that I see each year at Pottery Barn Kids.  This year, I decided to make my own- and you can, too! It was easy and fun- and I think they look great, too!

How to Make Your Own Easter Tree

Gather your materials. I gathered materials from around the house: a few pots, Easter grass, sticks from our back yard, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, ribbon and some eggs.

DIY Easter Tree Materials

Decide how you would like to decorate your pots. We used a pot that my daughter decorated on her 4th birthday, a plain one, and one that I wrapped with wrapping paper. If you have some burlap hanging around, that would also be super cute! Then, I tied cute ribbon around the pots.

wrapping paper pot2.jpg

Put your bubble wrap or foam into the pot, and stick in the branches. I tied mine together with twine to hold them upright.

Easter Tree Step 1.jpg

Stuff the Easter grass or other filler into the pot.

Easter grass.jpg

Hang your eggs.  Maybe you want to hand craft felt eggs, or papier-mâché them, or use some from a craft store. Check out these fun egg crafting ideas from Catherine, and wet felted egg DIY from Nicole.

DIY Easter Tree

Anything goes – use your creativity! The kids loved helping me decorate the trees!

DIY Easter Tree for Easter Table

Here are more ideas for a DIY Easter tree to inspire you!

  1. Color your branches: Alpha Mom
  2. Add fresh flowers to the branches: The Crafting Chicks
  3. Make embroidery floss eggs for your tree: Marabous
  4. Embelish a Target Dollar Bin Tree: Crafty Sisters
  5. Craft your own bunny vase: Aunt Peaches 

Enjoy your creation during the Easter season!

DIY Easter Tree Ideas

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