Favorite Gluten-Free Snacks and Food Ideas

By Lauren Barth |

gluten free snacks

With May being National Celiac Awareness Month we are excited to share some of our favorite gluten-free goodies. From healthy snacks to alternatives to your favorite munchies, we love how this collection will keep you and your kids energized while on-the-go – all without any wheat.

Favorite Gluten-Free Snacks

Hummus Chips

Hummus Chips by Simply7: We love this alternative to potato chips whose line features hummus, lentils, quinoa and pomegranate. All Simply7™’s snacks are kosher, non-GMO, vegetarian and have up to 50-percent less fat than potato chips.  The Hummus Chips feature delicious flavors like Sea Salt, Roasted Red Pepper, Spicy Chili Pepper and Tomato Basil that delivers a satisfying crunch and savory flavors without the grease. Each bag retails for $2.50-$3.49 and can be found online on Amazon or www.simply7snacks.com and in grocery stores around the country including Safeway, Harris Teeter, HEB, Shaw’s, Whole Foods, Gelson’s and Shop Rite.

Madhouse Foods

Zemas Madhouse Foods: In honor of Celiac Awareness Month, mom of five and founder of Zemas Madhouse Foods, Jill Motew, has been sharing her story about how she founded Zemas after four of her five kids were diagnosed with ADHD. Jill believes food as fuel and a healthy daily diet is key to her children’s success and created a product that is gluten free, top-eight allergen-free, vegan, kosher, and non-GMO. This includes tasty baking options like Multigrain Pancake and Waffle Mix, Rosemary-Millet Focaccia and even new Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. Zemas products can be found at http://zemasfoods.com/ and at various retailers in the United States.


Quinoasure: Another way to incorporate gluten-free grains into your diet is with Quinoasure, an instant nutritional quinoa powder, made of 100% non – GMO quinoa. This is great for cooks who can easily incorporated into variety of recipes. (Smoothies, juices, soups, etc.) as well as those with allergies since it is free of gluten, lactose, soy, sugar, and has no additives or no preservatives. Another unique benefit is that it has a nutritional profile that is similar as mothers breast milk that can provide better nutrients than many baby formulas.

Shred POP

SHRED PopDeveloped by Dr. Ian Smith, the author of New York Times bestselling diet books, SHRED and Super SHRED, SHRED Pop is an irresistibly guilt-free snack. And, at only 100 calories a bag, flavors like Honey BBQ, Sea Salt, Kettle and White Cheddar will help you curb your craving without ruining your diet. Made with non-GMO corn and all flavors are gluten-free, this snack features delicious flavor options such as Sea Salt, White Cheddar, Kettle and Honey BBQ. SHRED Pop can be found at http://coach.shredlife.com/

What are some of your favorite gluten-free snack options?

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    I’m also newly gluten-free and I love how they are options for snacking. My favorite on the list is SHRED Pop. Hope you get to try a few.

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