Weekend Favorites: Kids Shoes We Love

By Lauren Barth |
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Water play is one of the best things about summer for children – but hazards like rocks, sand, and heated ground surfaces can be hazardous to little feet. For summer and any wet-play, they will need shoes that will kids’ feet protected while making a splash in style.
Stride RIte Shoes
Stride RIte Shoes
Stride Rite
One of our favorites is the the durable and flexible new Made 2 Play collection which includes the styles Aqua: $42-$44 Finn: $42 – $44. The shoes are available in baby, toddler, and kids sizes that feature a fast drying, water-friendly upper, anti-microbial mesh linings for comfort and breathability and a grip and grab heel pull for easy-on/easy-off. They also have a leather and mesh upper and insole graphics designed to help kids put shoes on the correct feet. My daughter loves them for running, and are bound to be the perfect staple for summer camp and travel. They are super comfortable and so easy to put on with a simple velcro strap.
Also, check out Stride Rite’s wet-play tips for safe play this summer:
  • Remember to apply sunscreen to feet, especially the tops and fronts of ankles. Don’t forget to reapply if playing in the water!
  • When out of the water, wash and dry feet thoroughly, especially between the toes. Clean, dry feet resist infection.
  • When walking or playing on the beach, be sure to have comfortable water friendly shoes that are fast drying and washable. Beaches can have sharp objects at times such as jagged rocks or seashells and proper shoes will protect their feet from bacteria in the sand.
  • When in the ocean, be cautious of jellyfish that often bite at feet and ankles, as well as sharp shells or coral that can cut the undersides of feet. Keeping sandals or water shoes on at all times is a good idea to prevent stings, cuts, and other injuries.

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