Meet Archibald

We’re all looking for something. A friend, a partner, a little magic, or our next big thing.

Here are a few new books we love because of their uniqueness, fun, and truth. Wonderful additions to your child’s bookshelf.





Archibald’s Next Big Thing
by Tony Hale and Tony Biaggne

 This is our new favorite book for kids who want a longer picture book and have the attention span for 66 wacky, wonderful, oversized pages.

Thus far, Archibald has spent his days inside his egg, waiting for the “CRACK!” that will begin HIS NEXT BIG THING.  He passes time, jumping rope and listening carefully for hatching to begin.  In the meantime, his four siblings have hatched.  They decide to work together to get Archibald out into the world with them.  Each chicken has a ridiculous trait – a scientific brain, a penchant for the accordion, a bushy long mustache, the desire to explore.  In comparison, Archibald feels very unsure of HIS NEXT BIG THING, or his thing of any kind.

 archibald 2

This worry keeps Archibald up at night, and he decides he needs to head out and find HIS NEXT BIG THING.  Off he goes, encountering one whimsical, weird situation after another.  The characters in this story are imaginative, funny, and unusual.  The bold and bright illustrations capture all the personality of this story.

There is quite a bit of text, in a variety of fonts, and there is no way you or your kids will be able to predict what (or who) Archibald will run into next!  Although he is searching for something to feel complete, Archibald does a very good job of living in the moment throughout the story.  Things come full circle when Archibald runs into two little birds who share his love for jumping rope.  He realizes that everything – whether big, small, weird, wonderful, scary, new, simple, or crazy.  Everything is THE NEXT BIG THING.

 A wonderful story about appreciating life and finding enjoyment in each day. This book by Emmy Award Winning Tony Hale does not disappoint.

Other quirky picture books you will enjoy:


my pet book

My Pet Book
by Bob Staake

A little boy wants a different kind of pet – one that doesn’t bark or bite or make a mess.  After checking out all kinds of options, he decides his perfect pet is…a book!  Kids will laugh at the images of the boy walking his book around town.  But then – book goes missing!  There is so much to look at on each page, everything is giggle-worthy, and phew – a delightfully happy ending.



Peanut Butter and Cupcake
by Terry Border

Peanut Butter (generously spread on bread) is in need of a friend.  Everyone seems too busy.  Cupcake is busy with sprinkles, hamburger his hot dogs are already a good match…who is left for a lonely Peanut Butter?  Of course, kids will Peanut Butter’s perfect match well before he does…but that doesn’t matter.  The photographs of personified food are hysterical and jump off the page.  Don’t miss this one.


uni the unicorn

Uni the Unicorn
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This is an adorable switcheroo.  Uni, a unicorn, lives in a world where no one believes in little girls.  Uni believes little girls are real.  Somewhere out there is a little girl who is fun and magical and smart and believes in Uni.  This simple story of friendship and magic will appeal to little girls everywhere.  The illustrations are softly colorful and have a vintage feel.  Read this again and again.

Archibald's Next Big Thing & Best Quirky Picture Books

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