We recently discovered the new children’s book series, Star Sisters, which features Coco and Lucy, two best friends who call themselves the “Star Sisters”. Bound together in friendship by their magical star necklaces, they travel through time and space to share kindness and help people.


We read the first book in the series Star Sisters and The Royal Wedding, here is our review.

star sisters

  • Author: Jennifer Blecher (mom to three girls, writes the kind of chapter books she and her kids enjoy reading)
  • Illustrated: Anne Zimanski
  • Paperback, 118 pages, 11 chapters.
  • Westgate Publishing, Copyright 2014

star sisters review

Story Summary

In this debut book, Star Sisters and The Royal Wedding we are introduced to Coco and Lucy, two ordinary girls who don’t know each other yet, but both have matching star necklaces. One day they meet in the woods and find out that their necklaces hold magic powers of sisters from a long ago magical land, Illustria. They go on an adventure to Luckingham Palace where they help mend the sisterly bond between Princess Caroline and her sister Poppy. Princess Caroline and her sister are disagreeing over the maid of honor dress and it’s causing them to loose faith in each other. How do Coco and Lucy save the day, and the Royal Wedding? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

star sisters pages

What I thought

I love that these stories are a twist on modern day stories. In Star Sisters and the Royal Wedding it made me chuckle when I read that Coco and Lucy were in Luckingham Palace meeting Princess Caroline who preparing to marry Prince Wellington at Eastminster Abbey. (Sound familiar?) It’s a great chapter book for little bookworms. My 5 year old and I enjoyed reading this book together over the course of a few nights. Sometimes, I would read to her, while other times she would read to me. We enjoyed taking turns reading 1 page at a time and she added some new words to her reading vocabulary. It has just enough magic, wit, adventure, and friendship to keep parents and kids engaged and entertained. My daughter begged me to read more every night!

What my daughter thought

“I want to read it 12,000 more times, tonight!” Obviously, she liked it! “I really liked that Coco and Lucy were like sisters and they had magic necklaces.” It’s not denying that girls this age love magic and fairytales and this story does both wonderfully. “My favorite part was when the forest was magic and then Grisella appeared and the wedding, the wedding was cool!” It was such a hit with my 5 year old daughter and we can’t wait to read more Coco and Lucy adventures!

Time to get the next books in this series!

star sisters series

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