Despite the fact that  winter still rages on in many parts of the country, now is the time to start thinking about and making garden plans for the impending Spring season. With the growing popularity of container gardening you no longer need a large expanse of land to have a successful garden, you only need a few containers, seeds, water and sun!

Think how amazing it must be to a child to plant a seed, cover it with dirt, water it and watch a seedling sprout in just a matter of days. Grab a few small terra cotta planters from your nearest retailer or create fun decorated ones and have a fun and educational time with your child stressing the importance of fresh fruits and veggies at a young age.

There are many varieties of fruits and vegetables that can be grown in containers. When purchasing seeds look on the packet, often you will find an icon with a container and a check mark to denote that variety does well in containers. Here are a few easy, fun and healthy plants to grow in your home with a short germination and harvest time.

Lettuce: Fresh lettuce is fairly easy to grow indoors. With it’s shallow roots you don’t need a large container to grow lettuce in your home year round. Black Seeded Simpson is a great choice.

Container Garden LettuceSource

Strawberries: Strawberries tend to vine so if planning to keep them indoors make sure there is enough space. They are rather invasive so be sure to plant them by themselves. Your child(ren) will love picking these tasty treats right off the vine and having them for a healthy snack.

Container StrawberriesSource

Carrots: Believe it or not, some types of carrots can be grown in containers. Because they do grow underground be sure to select a container that has some depth to allow for growth.

Container Garden carrotsSource

 Mint: Not only does mint smell amazing but it wonderfully flavors water, the water your child(ren) will need after a day of playing in the sun. Let’s not forget the added benefit for mom in the form of a mojito.

container Garden mintSource

Green Beans: These pole beans grow rather quickly and they grow tall and may need to be staked so keep that in mind if there are no plans to move them outdoors when the weather permits.

Container Garden green beansSource

Gardening is such a fun and relaxing past time. Consider introducing gardening to your children at an early age,  I’m sure they will enjoy it just as much as you will.

Container Gardening for Kids

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