Misti Kenison is a new mom and a graphic designer. She is a big believer in literacy at a young age. Inspired by her little one and her love of graphic design she created this new adventurous line of toddler board books that will engage young readers as well as foster a love for exploring new places.

toddler shapes and colors books

There are two books in the series – The Tiny Traveler: France: A Book of Colors and The Tiny Traveler: Egypt: A Book of Shapes.

Each of these bold and colorful books is full of iconic places and lots of culture. They are the perfect size for little toddler hands measuring 5.5 in x 5.5 inches. These are your typical board books with only a few pages, oh no, in the tiny traveler series there are lots of pages to read in each of these books.

toddler color board book

Explore Paris in The Tiny Traveler: France: A Book of Colors board book. We loved virtually visiting the eiffel tower, talking about cheese plates, berets, and the Moulin Rouge as we learned about all the colors in this exciting city.

The eiffel tower is gray…except at night. Wonder what color it is then? Little ones love turning the page to find out!

paris book gray

I seriously love the “beret is black page”. With the bold red, great black and white combo and french stripes! My toddler even learned a new word, beret.

paris book black beret

And well, we know that sometimes as a toddler upside down is the best way to look at the world.

toddler reading a book

If you’re looking for a unique shapes book, check out The Tiny Traveler: Egypt: A Book of Shapes.

Learn about shapes in the exciting land of Egypt. Triangles in pyramids, hexagons in sphinx heads and circles in the sun help bring shapes, and Egypt, to life right in those cubby toddler hands.

shapes board book

tiny traveler egypt toddler book

My 6 year old had fun helping point out the shapes in each page with my 17 month old.

egypt book cresent moon

We thoroughly enjoyed reading both of these books over and over and over with our toddler and we think you will too!

If you’re going to learn about shapes and colors why not do it in an exotic place like France or Egypt?!

explore shapes and colors in exotic places

Shop! Get these board books at a steal for less than $5 each at our Amazon store.

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