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To say mamahood has put a lot of things into perspective for me would be a gross understatement. I never understood all of my parents’ warnings, worries, and cautions. I thought they were were being so overprotective! Now that I am a mama to three littles, my face is crimson as I fully and totally “get it.” My parents were simply parenting and trying to keep me safe and harm free.


I am an organized individual and have always been the “prepared” type. My friends would joke with me in high-school because my locker was stocked like a mini mart. Now, as a mother, I find a source of solace and comfort in knowing that I am prepared and ready for whatever curve ball comes at me. Safety is always on our minds, partly due to instinct and partly due to my husband’s background. He is a professional athletic trainer so I always have mini first aid kits stashed at arm’s reach. Our family and friends are always looking to put together a first aid kit that has all the essentials and that is organized and accessible. And I can tell you as a mama to three, I reach for it more often than I ever thought I would.

As soon as we opened the MacGill First Aid kit we noted two major differences between this and other kits: it is well thought out and stocked with a full range of essentials.

macgill first aid kit

One example being the inclusion of glucose gel. The second difference I noted was the quality of each of the pieces included.  Since my husband is in the field we always seek the highest quality items, and the MacGill First Aid kit got his approval.

macgill first aid kit, first aid kit

The other piece that we really loved was that each kit includes comprehensive first aid action cards attached to the lid of the kit case.  The kit is comprehensive and keeps all the first-aid items we may need in arm’s reach all in one neatly stocked kit. Perfect for any home as well as travel.

macgill first aid kit

I don’t have to think twice about packing a MacGill First Aid kit when we travel, and second guess whether or not I have what I need to be prepared for mishaps and emergencies. I love the sense of security that I get knowing that I am prepared and first aid “armed” if necessary.

macgill first aid kit

The MacGill First Aid kit is perfect to take with us when we go camping or boating. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and is stocked with everything we would need for minor scrapes, bumps, and even more serious emergencies.

macgill first aid kits

The MacGill First Aid kit is also easy to restock at any time. Simply order whatever you need and easily keep your kit stocked with the essentials at all times.


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