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We Heart PJs: Cozy Pairs for Your Little Loves

By Lauren Barth |

baby pajamas for valentine's dayBe still my heart…

These two.

Could they be more adorable? (I think not!)

My muppet-babies slay me with their pure innocent sweetness. Every. Single. Day.

Not that they’re always cherubic angels. Believe you me, I get my fair share of one-year-old Little-Miss-Independent attitude and threenage rage from this dynamic duo. And, yes, they suffer from the typical toddler tantrums on the regs (or, rather, I’m the one who suffers).

Nevertheless, when these delicious babies are feeling the love, they really show it! Their PDSAs (public displays of sibling affection) make me want to dance and cry and sing and explode all at once. It’s just the best. The spontaneous hugs, kisses, and nose pecks are everything I could ask for, and make all the manic moments, frustrating freak-outs, and everyday exhaustion worth the while. (I’ll “suffer” 10 mega meltdowns if it means I get to witness just one second of this canoodling cuteness.)

pucker up adorable v-day pjs for littlesThe only thing I adore more than a perfect snuggle session with my babies is a snuggle session in cozy pajamas. (I do love me my jammies!) My babies are growing up fast, and I want to make the most of these sweet fleeting moments—holding their tiny hands at night while I wait for them to fall asleep and cuddling up to their warm bodies in Mommy and Daddy’s big bed every morning.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’ve rounded up a few precious pairs of PJs for our littlest loves—and a few sets for you too, Mama. So get comfy, cozy up with the kiddies, and enjoy the quiet moments of sweetness.

pajamas for your valentine1. Gymboree Heartbreaker PJ Set, $12/ 2. Gap Whole Lotta Love Truck PJ Set, $16/ 3. Gap Bear-and-Bunny Sleep Set, $16/ 4. Chasing Fireflies “I Mustache You” V-Day Pajamas, $49/ 5. Hanna Anderson Blue Star Wars PJs, $40/ 6. Gap Lollipop Love Sleep Set, $16/ 7. Gap Heart-Pattern Sleep Set, $16/ 8. Hanna Anderson Pink Star Wars PJs, $40/ 9. Hanna Anderson Trucks and Hearts Pajamas, $42/ 10. Hanna Anderson Heart Pajamas, $44/ 11. Chasing Fireflies Personalized V-Day Pajamas, $49/ 12. Hanna Anderson Mickey Mouse Pajamas, $46

cozy pairs for mom1. SOMA Macaron PJ Set, $40/ 2. H&M “You Had Me at Coffee” PJ Set , $18/ 3. Target Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry PJs, $20/ 4. Honeydew Intimates “Donut You Love Me” PJ Set, $54/ 5. Forever 21 Heart-Print PJ Set, $16/ 6. Cozy Zoe Ankle Lounge Pants, $36

(The children’s pajamas featured in the above photos are from Gap Factory.)

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    love all of these pjs for kids and parents! im excited to get my little one a pair too!

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