Baby Brezza Bottle Washer

By Lauren Barth |

Washing baby bottles is such a time suck. When you have an infant, all you want to do—when you have a spare moment to breathe—is sleep and rest and stare at your bundles of sweetness. Not to mention fold the laundry, make a non-frozen dinner (for once), pee in private, and maybe catch up on an email or two. Scrubbing parts and pieces and nipples does not top the list of mom-time priorities.

Alas, Baby needs to eat… And so out comes the brush, the baby-safe dish detergent, and the drying rack. And then there’s the sterilizer… because your precious little newbie should have a totally hygienic feeding experience, right?! Perhaps you’re able to throw your bottles and parts in the dishwasher, but those of us in smaller living situations may need to get creative… or just rely on good old-fashioned manual scrubbing.


NYC-apartment-dwelling parents rejoice! The new Baby Brezza Bottle Washer is the first and only automatic, counter-top option on the market. It can hold up to four bottles and accessories, and washes, rinses, sterilizes, and dries with a simple push of a button. Plus, it eliminates the potential for cross contamination with other dishes, glasses, cups, and utensils.

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