Discover The Zen of Slow Cooking!

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I have discovered The Zen of Slow Cooking! I’ve seen lots of posts floating around out there with people sharing their word of the year. That got me thinking, what could my word of the year be? The only word that kept popping in my head was focus. Some days my life feels chaotic and all over the place. While I’m physically doing one thing, I’m thinking ahead three steps and that can be frustrating. I’m still not 100% sure how I will incorporate focus into all aspects of my life this year. But, I’ve found that The Zen of Slow Cooking will add some focus into my life.

What is The Zen of Slow Cooking?

The goal and backstory of The Zen of Slow Cooking is simple. Learn to love your slow cooker again, and let it bring you some zen. The Zen of Slow Cooking is a company that has curated popular recipes and recreated them into slow cooker recipes. They offer slow cooker spice blends for each recipe and you supply the fresh goods (meat, veggies, etc).

The goal is that prepping dinner in the morning (or midday), and having dinner checked off your list will provide you with some zen.  It provides the peace of mind that dinner is taken care of, and you are free to focus on other things.

Discover The Zen of Slow Cooking

First of all, since it’s winter, I wanted to cook something hearty. I decided on the Daube Provencale (beef stew) for my first recipe.

First, I gathered all my ingredients and did my prep work first thing in the morning (it took about 15 minutes). Then, I threw it all in the crockpot for the day. (You can find the recipe in the Family Ski Guide.) I went about my day and I was able to focus on my daily activities knowing that the only thing I had to do for dinner was boil some noodles. I really did discover the zen of slow cooking!
The Zen of Slow Cooking

This slow cooking beef stew was delicious!

One detail that I really loved was on the back of the package they suggest a side dish, dessert, or drink to complete your meal!

The Zen of Slow Cooking offers a variety of spice blends for family favorites. The next week I gave the Moroccan Tangine recipe a try! 

First of all, The Moroccan Tangine was just as quick to prep in the morning, which was great. It included a spice bag that you float in your crockpot all day, which  infused the dish with delicious flavors. Be sure to remove just before serving!

To add some more zen to your life, try The Zen of Slow Cooking this year! Make dinner one less thing to worry about!

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