Baby Brezza Bottle Washer

January 6, 2017

Washing baby bottles is such a time suck. When you have an infant, all you want to do—when you have a spare moment to breathe—is sleep and rest and stare at your bundles of sweetness. Not to mention fold the … READ MORE »

WHEN: Saturday, Jan. 7 @ 1pm PT/ 4 PM ET || CO-HOST: @Momtrends || HASHTAG: #SNSweepstakes || PRIZE: Queen p5 bed with SleepIQ technology ||   RSVP:   Well, we’re five days into 2017, which begs the question: How … READ MORE »


Winter Beauty Must-Haves

January 5, 2017

  Winter can be dreary and dull, and let’s face it kinda depressing. We’re fighting the winter blues by stocking our bathrooms with some new winter beauty must-haves to help our routine be on-point this season. The cold weather can … READ MORE »

I have discovered The Zen of Slow Cooking! I’ve seen lots of posts floating around out there with people sharing their word of the year. That got me thinking, what could my word of the year be? The only word … READ MORE »

The holidays are over. It’s a new year! And with the New Year, comes new resolutions. It’s a well-known fact that the number one resolution people make is about their weight and health. It’s my New Year’s resolution this year … READ MORE »

I’m not a breakfast person… Never have been. If I eat a piece of toast or a few bites of a muffin, I consider it a triumph. I’ll drink coffee from the moment I wake up until the minute I’m … READ MORE »

A lot of people ask when the right time to talk to your children about their feelings is. Denise Daniels, founder and CEO of Moodsters believes it’s never too early. As a leader in child development, Denise has collaborated with … READ MORE »


European Hot Chocolate Recipe

December 26, 2016

When we lived in Germany we went to a lot of festivals. One of our all time favorites was the chocolate festival that was held every winter in Germany. One of the first things we tasted when we arrived at … READ MORE »