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DIY Party Plate Craft

Summer picnic season may be over, but gatherings, get togethers and parties are sure to fill your calendar as the holiday season ramps up. We love this super simple DIY party plate craft from our resident Crafter-in-Chief Mandy. The idea is genius – turn … READ MORE »

Easter Table.jpg

Springtime decorations are so much fun! I have always wanted an Easter tree. I love the ones that I see each year at Pottery Barn Kids.  This year, I decided to make my own- and you can, too! It was … READ MORE »

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18 cute easter crafts for kids

Crafts are always a big hit in our household. I always try to find a cute craft that my girl will enjoy doing. Something that will be fun to create and also useful for decorating for a specific holiday. With … READ MORE »

15 Fun Egg Decorating Ideas

Holiday traditions are something I cherish. We love making memories together as a family. One of our favorite Easter traditions is dying eggs together (hopefully outside if the weather is nice). To me, Easter and dying eggs just goes hand … READ MORE »