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Expert Tips to Stop Your Child Nose Picking

With weather warming up and spring approaching, your family may experience an increase in sniffles, stuffy noses and watery eyes. The increase in pollen, grass, flowers and trees can trigger allergies and the winter crud may still be hanging around. With all that nasal … READ MORE »

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As a parent I’m always hoping to teach thoughtful kindness in my children. There are always stories of bullies and “mean girls” in schools and let me tell you, it can start as early as 1st grade. I value kindness … READ MORE »

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Happy Parents and Kids Virtual Summit

Do you ever wish you could sit down and pick the parenting “experts” brains? I do. I’m all for parenting from the heart and doing what feels right for your child and your family (even if the “experts” say otherwise), … READ MORE »


Charlie has been attending a swim class at our local Y since he was about a year old.  Two of his friends from daycare are in the class and he has always looked forward to getting in the pool with … READ MORE »


My little man is now over 6 weeks old and growing like a weed. Luckily he took to breastfeeding pretty easily – you can actually read about the first time I nursed Max on Bravado Designs’ Breastfeeding Diaries. I definitely … READ MORE »