The Top Drum Sets For Kids Reviewed

If you have a child who is showing interest in playing the drums — I know you are having some hesitation in going down this road with them! As a mom, I get it – the noise will be a huge issue -but there are just so many great things about kids who get involved with music – so we hope you will embrace this moment and help your child grow their interest into a life-long passion!

When my daughter was showing an interest in the drums, I did my due-diligence in trying to find the right drum set that was not too much, but enough to see how dedicated she would be to playing. Cost was a big factor us – as well as quality and we did not want to spend more than we needed to! Given the electric keyboard, violin and guitar that are sitting in our basement – we knew how fickle she could be and wanted to be smart about our choice in drum set for her.

Below are some of our favorite drum sets that I think will be great for most kids in that 4-10 year old range. On the younger side they offer enough for your child to grow into – but if your child is older it will still offer enough to challenge them and see their level of interest before investing in something better.

The Best Drum Sets For Kids

1. Gammon 5-Piece Junior Drum Set

First up we have the Gammon 5-piece Starter drum set. This drum set comes with the standard amount of drums along with a hi-hat and a ride/crash cymbal. The bass drum is 16 inches in diameter so it’s small enough to suit the smaller player. The toms are mounted to the bass drum and can be swiveled and angled to suit the playing style. The snare can be turned on and off and also comes with its own stand.

This drum set comes with a few extras to get you started. There is an adjustable drum throne which is suitable for younger drummers and can be adjusted up and down. You also get a pair of sticks and a bass drum pedal for use with the bass drum.

This is a good drum set to start with for the money although it would be nice if Gammon included another cymbal for a bit more variety.

Gammon 5-Piece Junior Drum Set Features:

shells are real wood
bass drum measuring 16″
2 Tom drums
snare drum with stand
pedal for bass drum
drum sticks
hi-hat stand & cymbals
available in several color options
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  • Adjustable seat can accommodate children of different heights
  • Good overall quality for the price
  • Can replace certain parts for more professional parts
  • Good sound


  • Lack of clear instructions for assembly (although there is an online tutorial many recommend)
  • Can break easily with hard drumming
FINAL THOUGHTS: This is one of the best selling kids drum sets for the 4-10 year old age range. Although there were reports of some hard drumming causing damage to the drum heads – overall it is a good quality for beginner drummers. We would feel comfortable recommending the Gammon 5-Piece Junior Set for kids in the 4-9 year old range. There were buyers who purchased this for children as young as 2 – so if you feel your child has the maturity and dexterity at that age – then it may be a great gift!

2. Ludwig Junior 5-Piece Drum Set

The Ludwig Junior 5-Piece Drum Set retails at approximately twice the price of the Mendini kit but it does have some improved features. The build of this Ludwig drum kit is of a higher standard to both previous kits which means it will sustain a lot more abuse from budding, high-energy drummers.

The drum shell on this drum set produces a nicer tone and tuning the drums is easy. The hardware feels a lot sturdier than with the Mendini drum set and there is less movement when playing. You also get a standalone cymbal stand which is used to mount the accompanying crash. This is a big benefit as it allows the individual drummer to position the cymbal where best suits them. In the previous two drum sets, the cymbal stand protrudes from the bass drum and is immovable.

The Ludwig Junior is a more expensive drum set but will provide more longevity in the long run. Find the right kit that best suits your demands and budget by keeping the above points in mind.

Ludwig 5-Piece Junior Drum Set Features:

easy assembly
3 AA batteries (not included)
8″ stool height
2 drum sticks included
recommended age: 3 years +
measures 24″ x 17.5″ x 5″
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  • Hardware is well made
  • Quality is good
  • Ability to tune drums can improve sound


  • Assembly instructions not included
  • Cymbals are not well made
  • Some reports that drum sound is not great
FINAL THOUGHTS: The Ludwig brand is a top pick for drummers all over the world and this kids drum set is no different. Although not it’s normal quality manufacturing for their professional line, it is just find for younger kids who are just getting started. We highly recommend this drum set for kids in the 5-10 year old age range – although reports of adults enjoying this drum set seem to be everywhere!

3. Mendini by Cecilio 5-Piece Junior drum Set

The Mendini by Cecilio is another junior drum set and has a lot in common with the Gammon Junior Drum set above. It’s a five-piece drum set that includes a snare drum, bass drum, three toms, a cymbal and a hi-hat.

Just like the Gammon Starter, the hi-hat comes with a playable hi-hat stand. The overall build of this kit is noticeably less sturdy than the previous kit. There are only four tuning lugs on the bass drum in comparison to the six lugs that feature on the Gammon bass drum. While this is not an essential component for most starting out drummers, it does indicate that the build quality is higher with the Gammon and there is better attention to detail.

Included is a bass drum pedal and a set of drumsticks with this Mendini drum set so you’ll have everything you need to get started right away. It’s also around $20 less in price in most online stores.

Mendini Junior Drum Set Features:

bass drum
2 Tom Toms
snare drum
floor Tom
Hi-Hat with chain driven cymbal and stand
crash cymbal that mounts to bass drum
padded and adjustable drum seat
pedal for bass drum with chain drive
2 wooden drumsticks
setup instructions
get more details


  • Easy to put together
  • Wood construction
  • Color options
  • Fairly easy to tune for better sound quality


  • Set is smaller than expected
  • Bass drum does not offer the best sound quality
FINAL THOUGHTS: The Mendini is very close to the Gammon in regards to quality and build so either of these are a great choice. While we recommend this set for ages 4-10 years it is important to note that we do not recommend it for children over 5 feet in height. The sound quality and overall options on this drum set make it a perfect option for the kids who are just getting started with the drums.

How to choose the right drum set for your child!

This guide is specific to kids in the 4-10 year age range. These drum sets are a step up from the Drums For Toddlers guide and have more functionality and a more like-like drum kit style that older kids will enjoy. While most drums in the age range are just fine for for their specific level and sizes – they are of course still lacking in some areas like quality and sound.

A more professional drum kit will have a much better sound than most in this list and of course quality comes at a price, so you cannot expect long-lasting durability on something that a child will beat on in this price range.

When trying to determine which drum set will be best for your child you should consider some of the following:

  1. Age – while most manufacturers give age ranges as a recommendation – we find many are way off in this area. We do not think age should be the main indicator for a drum purchase – but the below items should be!
  2. Ability – these drum sets are meant for kids, but some children have more skills needed to really drum than others. You should be aware of how your child can hold the drum sticks, can they handle a foot pedal while hitting the cymbal, can they easily move from one drum to another? If your child has good dexterity then a more advanced set my serve them best.
  3. Size – this is one of the main factors in buying a drum set for your child. If he/she is too big they may outgrow the drum set too fast. Many of these are smaller than they appear so it is important that you really look at the measurements to make sure it is big enough that your child can play it comfortably.

What are the benefits of playing the drums for my child?

There are actually a lot of great reasons for your child to play the drums – from improving communication to dealing with grief and improving self-esteem. The range of benefits that children who drum receive is rather large.

In an article by Psychology Today, you can learn in more detail about how even special needs children can benefit from a new set of drums!

A Swedish study has actually found that drummers can actually be smarter than other bandmates! The study shows that there is a link between intelligence, good timing and the part of the brain that is used for problem-solving. An article by Gary Cleland in The Telegraph also references how drummers are natural intellects – and this was all based on the study done in Sweden.

So, if your child is begging you for a set of drums – we say GO GET ONE!

Final Thoughts

This collection of drum sets for kids are ideally suited for budding drummers of any age from around 4 to 10 years old. The type of drum set you purchase should be dependent on the size and build of your child. Most average children can comfortably play on a typical junior drum set, but if your child is taller or smaller than average for their age – this should be taken into consideration as well.

It is important to note that a lot of the issues we see for some of the more popular drum sets for this age range are because the purchaser did not really review the size or recommended ages/sizes for the sets. A lot of buyers of these drum sets noted issues with durability and size, but also noted they purchased them for older kids.

Although manufacturers may note that the suggested age range is let’s say 5-10 years – sometimes we may suggest children in the 3-8 years age range. We will note that in our reviews!

While these drum sets are a step above the toddler drums – they are still meant for kids. If you are looking for a real drum set that does not lack in sound quality or manufacturing – then we would recommend looking at the next range of drum sets in our Drum Sets for Teens post. This is the next level that brings a more professional touch to the drum sets.

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