Top Educational Toys for 1 Year Old Reviewed

1 year old educational toys reviewedOne-year-olds still need to learn how to do everything but sleep, eat, and cry.

Toys for this age bracket should focus on sights, sounds, touch, letters, numbers, balance, and social skills. So, pretty much everything.

The best educational toys for 1 year olds will focus on more than one skill and help engage children in learning multiple skills at once.

Best Educational Toys for 1 Year Olds

After sifting through the different toys from a variety of educational manufacturers, and after comparing owner feedback and product features, these are our choices for the best educational toys for one year olds:

1. LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center

LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center review

Babies learn by doing and with the LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center, your baby can explore a whole new world of fun. Some 12 months olds can stand and other’s can’t but don’t fret. When your baby is on the floor, take off the legs. When he is ready to stand then add the legs back on to extend the fun.

If you take the legs off, this is a fabulous toy for travel, although, do not let your baby play with this toy in a moving vehicle. It’s a little large for their laps. Sturdy enough to hold new standers but do not let children try to climb up on the table. Also, try to keep the table on a carpet for new standers.

Let your child try out all the fun things adults have at their office. Not really, but this is a cute and brightly colored imitation. The set includes a clock, instrument keys, a globe, a computer, a lamp, a book and more.

Finally, the toy works in both English or Spanish. Your child can learn two languages at once while also learning about role-playing, music, motor skills, shapes, colors, and so much more. Great for children ages 6-months and up but a favorite for new babies learning to stand.


The toy table requires batteries to make lots of noise. As this toy offers so many activities it may drain batteries quickly. Either stock up or buy rechargeable batteries (B00HZV9TGS). Very few customers received faulty devices, but this happens with almost all electronic devices.

LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center, Green
893 Reviews
LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center, Green
  • This first desk for little ones features a laptop, phone, Globe and more with 27 electronic touch points for exciting imitative play
  • Play in explore, learn and music modes to hear first words, Greetings and music from around the world and role-play conversations with Scout
  • Open the laptop and start working on learning shapes and animals by pressing the buttons to reveal animals on the screen
  • Hear ten songs and greetings from around the world by spinning the light-up Globe
  • Fully bilingual in English and Spanish, hear more than 180 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases

2. Ancaixin Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle

Ancaixin Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle review

Once a baby understands she can use her legs, she wants to use them non-stop. The Ancaixin Balance Bike comes short, like babies, with four sturdy rubber wheels to make it easy for a baby to practice climbing on and trying out the new balance skill.

First things first, pick a color for your little one. Pick from white, blue, orange, pink, yellow, and coral. Now, as this is a balance bike, there are no pedals which could injure a baby. The four wheels help it stand in place so your baby can try to get on to the ergonomic seat pad.

Don’t expect your little baby to race around the room anytime soon. To further ensure your baby’s safety, the bike includes a limited turning radius of 135 degrees. Wide wheels add balance without squeaking. Finally, the handlebar comes padded for little hands and heads.

Finally, the dimensions are 20 x 7 x 14 and weighs 5 pounds. Great for children up to 55 pounds. Expect 100% safety as this bike comes tested and meets all required compliance laws. A great way to teach balance, patience, gross motor skills, spatial reasoning, and a love of exercise all at a great price.


The bike is tiny as most babies are small. However, taller children may need a larger balance bike. Make sure to watch your baby closely when she tries to use a balance bike or any other item with wheels. Please note: babies are still learning balance and will fall. Often they can fall just standing so do not be too concerned if your baby falls, instead provide a safe space for them to fall onto.

Baby Balance Bikes 10-24 Month Children Walker | Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Girls | No Pedal Infant 4 Wheels Toddler Bicycle | Best First Birthday New Year Holiday White
706 Reviews
Baby Balance Bikes 10-24 Month Children Walker | Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Girls | No Pedal Infant 4 Wheels Toddler Bicycle | Best First Birthday New Year Holiday White
  • 😊Recommended Age: Suits 10-24 month babies who are learning to walk or developing balance. Max. load capacity up to 100 lbs.
  • 😊Easy installation: Developed modular design, take only 3 steps to assemble. Easily done within 2 minutes, no tool required.
  • 😊Product features: Sturdy carbon steel frame, supportive soft seat, fully&widen enclosed wheels ensure baby feet safety; 135 degree steering limited to avoid baby side falling.
  • 😊Happiness: Help to develop babies' balance, enjoy riding and gain confidence. Well packed in gift Box, great first bike Christmas present choice. Your baby will remember this wonderful gift from parents/grandpa or Aunt/Uncle forever.
  • 😊Safety ASSURANCE: ASTM F963-11, EN71 Certification, CPSC Approved by US Lab. 30 days Money back ASSURANCE.

3. Goobi Juniors 40 Piece Construction Set

Goobi Juniors 40 Piece Construction Set review

What could be more fun than a brightly colored construction set for a young tot? The Goobi Juniors Construction Set has no small parts mean this set works for children as young as one year but the fun doesn’t stop there. This is a great set for an older sibling to enjoy as well.

The set includes forty jumbo pieces including 24 rods and16 hollow iron balls all wrapped in color-coated with plastic for safety. A great way to introduce your child to colors, gross and fine motor skills, spatial reasoning and proportion, along with concentration. A great way to learn about shapes and how objects relate to each other.

Finally, a toy children will not outgrow the moment they exit the toddler years! Even better, this set works well in groups especially if you buy more than one set so children can make bigger constructions. Also, no tiny parts at all for a baby to choke on. The shape of each rod allows for smaller hands to hold on easily.


The price is a little higher than traditional blocks but as this toy works for ages 1 and up the amount of use makes this toy an investment. The magnets aren’t very strong but at the same time, stronger magnets could pose safety problems for tiny fingers.

Goobi Juniors 40 Piece Construction Set Large Building Blocks Developmental Play Sticks STEM Learning Vibrant Colors Creativity Imagination 3D Puzzle Educational Toys for 1 Year Old Toddlers Preschool
92 Reviews
Goobi Juniors 40 Piece Construction Set Large Building Blocks Developmental Play Sticks STEM Learning Vibrant Colors Creativity Imagination 3D Puzzle Educational Toys for 1 Year Old Toddlers Preschool
  • SET INCLUDES: 40 Jumbo Pieces - 24 (5.7 inch / 14.4 cm) rods with strong attractions at each end and 16 (2.4 inch / 6 cm) hallow iron balls, all pieces come in vibrant attractive colors: red, blue, green, and yellow
  • EDUCATIONAL & SUPERIOR QUALITY: We specialize in creating educational toys that encourage creativity, fine motor skills, interaction, playful experimentation, and which also serve as a valuable kit for a STEM learning curriculum. Goobi products are always made using the best material on the market such as ABS plastic. The bars (rods) and balls form incredibly strong connections making it possible to build large scale structures that are sure to fascinate the whole family.
  • AWARDS: Creative Play of the Year Award | Product of the Year Award | Preferred Choice Award
  • SAFETY: Made with 100% safe material and has passed all required testing by Consumer Product Safety Commission accepted third party laboratories. Complies with ASTM (USA) and EN71 (EU) toy safety standards | Certified BPA and Toxic Free | Ages 1 and up
  • SATISFACTION MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Goobi products are backed by a 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive a full refund. No questions asked.

4. Alphabet Blocks Toys For Toddlers

Alphabet Blocks Toys For Toddlers review

If you prefer more traditional blocks like this wood set of Alphabet Blocks by Kids Korner. Each block has a different colorful picture on each of the six sides to ignite your child’s brain. The set includes 30 different blocks for your baby to stack to their heart’s content. One of the best learning tools for 1-2-year-olds.

At 1.5 inches by 1 inch, these blocks come in the perfect size for little hands to pick up without causing a choking hazard. The rounded edges prevent children from hurting themselves as they play. Made of wood they will not squish or break and should last through several kids making this set a value.

The company offers an e-book download for additional activities, however, the bright blocks include letters, numbers, shapes, pictures, and tons of color to keep your child interested. Use the set to make matches, practice words, math, and so much more. Even better, you can spell in both English and Spanish.

A great toy to share with older siblings to learn social skills. Beyond the social aspect, kids can learn to stack, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and to use their imagination. Even better no batteries or noise! Includes a storage bag for easy cleanup.


The age on the blocks is rather ambiguous. One-year-olds can use them but watch them, as babies can get rather inventive with trouble-causing. Blocks need to be small enough for tiny hands to hold them without posing a risk of choking. Trust us, baby’s cannot eat these blocks even if they can put them in their mouth.

Alphabet Blocks Toys For Toddlers - Jumbo Bilingual Educational Toys For 2 Year Olds, Stacking Toys & ABC Games For Kids 3 4 5 with 30 Wooden Blocks, Toddler Learning Activities eBook, Travel Backpack
79 Reviews
Alphabet Blocks Toys For Toddlers - Jumbo Bilingual Educational Toys For 2 Year Olds, Stacking Toys & ABC Games For Kids 3 4 5 with 30 Wooden Blocks, Toddler Learning Activities eBook, Travel Backpack
  • TODDLER LEARNING ACTIVITIES | TWO LANGUAGES! These Montessori toys and spanish learning toys grow with your child. Our kids blocks for 2 year old boys and girls help build a strong foundation with over 13 things to learn. The bilingual toys help children learn uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, colors, shapes, fruits, vegetables, parts of the body, seasons, animals, objects and even helps memory development with a matching game. Download our toddler activities ebook for step by step play.
  • GAMES FOR PRESCHOOLERS | COUNTING, SORTING & KIDS MATCHING GAME ACTIVITIES: The wooden letters stacking and building blocks helps the development of fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, focus and concentration all though play. The learning toys for 2 year olds and travel toys for toddlers is a fun baby activity center too. The wooden letter blocks are 2 year old boy toys and 3 year old girl toys that enhance color recognition, basic math skills and social skills for a bright future.
  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY | JUMBO WOODEN TOYS – 1.5” large wooden blocks building toys are sanded smooth and sealed. The toddler educational toys and Montessori toddler toys alphabet puzzle helps promote creativity via independent and cooperative play. Autism friendly, the baby blocks and alphabet number blocks make fun toddler games, one year old girl gifts and toddler gifts. The counting toys are also 2 year old toys, toys for 3 year old boys and toys for 4 5 year old boys & girls.
  • BILINGUAL EDUCATION | ENGLISH & SPANISH - "Being bilingual, it turns out, makes you smarter. It can have a profound effect on your brain, improving cognitive skills not related to language and even shielding against dementia in old age" By BHATTACHARJEE --- These baby toys, 1 year old boy blocks, toys for 2 year old boy, and toys for 3-year olds make great wooden puzzles for toddlers in both English and Spanish. The alphabet toys are wooden blocks ABC that help teach your little one life games.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS | BABY, BABY SHOWER & NURSERY DECOR – Our water and oil based non-toxic paint is safe for children and adults! The paints on our wooden blocks are EN71 certified - they pass child safe paint standards. BPA Free Toys, Lead Free, Non-Toxic and Phthalates Free, our 2 year old boy toys and toddler toys 2 year old girl will brighten your child's face or any space inside your home. Use our wood letters in baby’s room or as stem toys, tinker toys, 1 year old boy gifts or baby girl toys.

5. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Shape Sorter

TOP BRIGHT Wooden Shape Sorter review

Continuing with the theme of sturdy wood toys, the Top Bright Wooden Shape Sorter looks like a truck but offers some great learning for a baby. A string at the front allows your child to pull the little truck around the house. Later he can load fun-shaped blocks into the shape sorter slots or straight into the back of the truck barrel.

The barrel comes out and up to allow the truck to dump the blocks so your child can start all over again. The includes a little truck driver and a moveable glass window at the front of the truck to allow the little man into the driver’s seat. At first, your child will simply want to pull the truck or swivel the rotatable barrel around but later he will try out the other aspects of the truck.

The brightly colored shapes include a triangle, square, trapezoid, pentagon, star, circle, and a heart. Most shape sorter toys stick to the basics giving this one the edge. Each shape offers a fun color and not just the primary colors. A great toy to teach motion, building, shapes, colors, concentration, and spatial reasoning.


As with all toys with babies, do not let them play alone. While there are no small parts, always monitor your baby.

TOP BRIGHT Wooden Shape Sorter Toys for Toddlers Learning Sort and Match for 1 2 Year Old
358 Reviews
TOP BRIGHT Wooden Shape Sorter Toys for Toddlers Learning Sort and Match for 1 2 Year Old
  • MOM’S REASSURING CHOICE: The shape sorter car is fully tested to the highest US ASTM and European EN71 toy safety standards. Choose washing paint spraying, bright colors, formaldehyde-free and other harmful substances safety and environmental protection, edge careful polishing is very comfortable children's hands, high-quality plastic wood combination, so that the car has more texture. even you buy it as a gift for 1 2 year old boys and girls is very safe
  • ROLE-PLAYING FUN: This shape sorter car simulates the operation of the blender. The barrel can be rotated and unloaded.Give them a gift and let the 1 2 year old boy and girl understand the concept of space above and below. Push and pull the car, exercise the hand movements and equipped with a driver, the door can be opened, more lovely image.
  • MAKE LEARNING FUN: Put different shapes into the mixing bucket. each shape makes a "crunch" sound,promote 1 2 year old boys and girls to recognize shapes and colors, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Encourage exploration and imaginative play to immerse your child in the fun of shape sorter car!
  • PERFECT GIFT: The shape sorter is an eternal gift wrapped in a very solid color box. Each brick is a perfect representation, suitable for children's indoor or outdoor activities at home and provide the best birthday gifts for 1 2 year old boys and girls
  • WONDERFUI PARENT-CHILD TIME: We encourage parents and children to play together, which is a good opportunity to increase parent-child communication.This shape sorter allows children to concentrate on playing for a long time and learn different colors and shapes during play. Every 1 2 year old boy and girl should have this gift .Our product is not only entertainment, but also a good education toy.

6. LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party review

For the girly girl in your life you need to get this tea set. Little girls love to mimic moms, although most moms are pouring coffee not tea. The LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Set also includes cake on a tray and two tea cups for service for two.

Some little girls rip lace off and cry when wearing a dress. Other little girls want to believe they are a princess before they even understand the concept of royalty. That’s what makes this toy perfect. It speaks to her inner nobility and need for tea time.

Beyond the novelty, your little girl or boy can learn seven learning songs including important phrases and sounds. The tea pot teaches about colors, matching, manners, greeting, counting, and more. All this and the pot lights up to six vibrant colors for added fun. Of course, this means you need to supply the tea pot with batteries.

Tipping the teapot starts up the fun as your little girl pours imaginary chamomile into a rainbow decorated cup. The cake comes in traditional triangles to help understand spatial reasoning and shapes. Includes a serving tray to put the cake on.

Everything comes festively decorated right down to the sprinkles. Each cake comes in a different color with a coordinating fruit for an extra learning experience. A great set for the first three years of life. Don’t forget to shut the sound off when not in use.


Beyond another loud toy singing non-stop repetitious songs, the toy has no issues.

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party (Frustration Free Packaging)
955 Reviews
LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party (Frustration Free Packaging)
  • Musical Rainbow Tea Party is a 10-piece set that lights up in six colors and features songs and surprises
  • Tip the teapot to see it light up, hear fun sounds and see the "tea" move realistically
  • Features 7 tea-time learning songs and 50+ phrases and sounds
  • Teaches colors and matching, manners and greetings and counting
  • Ages 1-3 years

7. HOMOFY Baby Toys Electronic Airplane

HOMOFY Baby Toys Electronic Airplane review

Zoom into fun learning with the Homofy’s Toy Airplane. The adorable drawings appeal to tiny tots as do the multiple buttons and lots of sounds. Sorry, parents, lots of toys nowadays come with sound, sound, and more sound because that’s what children crave.

Thankfully, this noise teaches babies. In Mode 1, your toddler can click a button to hear the alphabet or numbers. Of course, a few engine noises come along with the toy when your child pushes the wheels around. Children love sound effects but these help them identify airplane sounds and make places less scary.

In Mode 2, your child can chase after the plan as it sings a happy tune and strolls through your living room. This helps to encourage children to walk and chase after the plane. As the toy makes noises, it requires three AA batteries to send the airplane jaunting around the house.
Lastly, lots of bright lights and adorable pictures entice your child to try out the airplane toy. Next, no small parts mean the toy is safe but check the wheels for damage before giving it to your child as the wheels are smaller.


The toy does not come with instructions. Baby toys tend to be easy to figure out there. Also, the plane is smaller than it looks in the picture. It works well for a smaller child like a 1-year-old.

Huile Baby Toys Electronic Airplane Toys with Lights & Music ,Best Kids Early Learning Educational Toys for Toddlers Boys and Girls 1 2 3 4 5 Year Old Gifts
620 Reviews
Huile Baby Toys Electronic Airplane Toys with Lights & Music ,Best Kids Early Learning Educational Toys for Toddlers Boys and Girls 1 2 3 4 5 Year Old Gifts
  • ✈LEARNING & MUSIC MODE:The baby toys for 1 2 3 year old will play letters"ABC"or the number"123" while pressing corresponding button,easy for baby to learn the letter and number,setting up the connection of voice and graphics. Playingng engine sound effects and universal movement. walking slowly or stop immediately,showing the vividly process of flight,while pressing the start button.
  • ✈REALISTIC SOUND EFFECT A✈REALISTIC SOUND EFFECT AND COLORFUL LIGHT:Aircraft start,flight,deceleration or stop will play a realistic sound effect.Encourage baby to be learn the knowledge of the airplane.When press its body button ,the light of aerofoil and empennage will flash.for baby toys 6 to 12 months baby toys 12-18 months baby toys 9-12 months gifts
  • ✈UNIVERSAL MOVEMENT:In the music mode,when baby press the start button,the airplane will play engine sound effect and universal move.In the meantime,it will play cheerful music to attract baby to walk to chase full of fun,creating a colorful and cheerful atmosphere!
  • ✈DIVERSIFIED EARLY EDUCATION CONTENT:By chasing the airplane game,drive the baby to walk.Learn numbers,letters and relevant shape,the knowledge of the airplane while playing.All of these are good for cultivating baby's imagination,cognitive and action decelopment.
  • ✈GREAT GIFT & SATISFACTION GUARANTEED:The airplane toys for 1 2 3 year old is Made from SAFE and NON-TOXIC ABS plastic,BPA Free,Lead Free, Phthalate Free.Great gift idea for any occasion,festival!.6 Months Long Time Warranty,90 days Replacement service or Full Refund if you are not satisfied.Require Batteries:3 X 1.5V "AA" (Not Included)

8. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker review

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker allows early walkers to practice pushing a set of wheels around while also sitting and learning a bunch of skills. A super neat feature on this toy is the front comes off for easy travel. Essentially, for one low-cost toy, you get three items in one – a walker, a floor toy, and a travel toy.

Pick from four festive colors, blue, orange, purple, or pink. Kids will love the toy phone most of all as toddlers love phones about as much teenagers. Other activities include buttons, animal sounds, mini piano, spinning balls, and of course, pushing the whole thing around as a walker.

All of these fun little gizmos add up to a lot of learning! From music to animal sounds, to gross motor skills, numbers, shapes, balancing, and so much more. This is one cheerful learning center on wheels.

Finally, the toy plays over 70 different songs to engage your child. Most likely you will end up singing along with the songs while washing dishes. Or repeating the many phrases the toy tries to instill into tiny tots. A great toy for role-playing especially with the phone.


The wheels do not lock so your child may have a hard time at first getting up on her own. Unbalanced babies can tip over with the toy so keep them on a carpeted or soft flooring. Lastly, the item rolls a little fast for new or beginner walkers. Make sure to stay close by as any set of wheels takes practice for little legs.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)
14,494 Reviews
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)
  • Interactive learning baby Walker has a removable play panel; frustration free packaging means it comes in a plain brown box
  • Early learning center has 5 piano keys that play music and encourage creativity; wheels work on carpeted and hard floors
  • Features 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, and 3 light-up buttons that develop motor skills
  • Pretend telephone handset and mechanical elements enhance role-play fun; 2 AA batteries are included
  • Over 70 sing-along songs, music, sound effects and fun phrases; meant for babies and toddlers 9 months to 3 years old. Sensory development

9. Battat Discover Farm Animals Activity Center

Battat Discover Farm Animals Activity Center review

Little kids need lots of little activities to keep their attention. The Battat Activity Center keeps their attention with tons of mini activities all on one cube. A great toy to entertain multiple kids at one time and learn some social skills too.

Made of solid wood, the unit weighs a whopping 14 pounds. Trust us, this unit won’t topple over on your kid unless they rattle it like a box. It’s over a foot wide and almost 18 inches tall, the toy is set up in a way that most children can’t climb on top. More adventurous children may see it as a challenge so keep a close eye on your child.

All the activities center on farm animals because toddlers love cows, picks, chickens, and all the accompanying noises from a barn. Tons of bright-colored trees, squiggly pulls, beads, doors, flipping squares, and rolling figures keep kids squealing with joy.

Lastly, a great way for your kiddo to work on motor skills, color and animal recognition, and many other skills. All without batteries or noises. Well, the baby will make some noise but no lights or sounds from the activity cube itself. Rounded corners and no objects too small for tiny hands.


If the shipping company doesn’t handle with care, the wood can break. Check for splinters when the item arrives. A few customers complained the non-toxic paint came off, but this happens to a few faulty items and isn’t a consistent issue. Again, do not allow children to climb on top of the activity cube.

Battat – Wooden Activity Cube – Discover Farm Animals Activity Center for Kids 1 year +
1,784 Reviews
Battat – Wooden Activity Cube – Discover Farm Animals Activity Center for Kids 1 year +
  • A childhood classic: doors to open and animal friends to find, there's so much to do!
  • Solid wood: beautifully crafted, the construction is sturdy and colors are bright
  • 5 sides of fun: drive the tractor around, zig zag the beads up and down. Plenty of spinners to spin, spin, spin…
  • Rounded corners: we’ve rounded The corners and made the wood nice and smooth.
  • Early learning: improves hand-eye coordination, imaginative play and cause-and-effect.

10. Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Boy Soft First Baby Doll for Ages 1 Year and Up

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Boy Soft First Baby Doll review

Manhattan’s Soft Baby Doll makes a great toy to teach babies empathy and social skills. The soft plush baby doll is not only cute but safe for even the youngest age bracket to love on.

If you would prefer a girl doll over a boy doll Manhattan makes a girl Stella (B00TR0C3P4) too. At a year old most kids love to just take the dolls off or lay down for a nap with their plush dolls. This one allows them to mimic what mom and dad do when taking care of them teaching a whole host of social skills in the process.

Finally, the doll comes with a magnetic pacifier, cloth diaper, and a dino onesies. Children can keep the doll as their lovey and it can grow with them as they learn new skills. A great way to help babies learn to nurture, a very important skill at this age.


As the doll is a plush, the stitches can come undone. Also, for a plush, it’s rather expensive but not overly so especially since it’s a baby plush and not an animal. The uniqueness is a factor.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Boy Soft First Baby Doll for Ages 1 Year and Up, 15'
668 Reviews
Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Boy Soft First Baby Doll for Ages 1 Year and Up, 15"
  • 15 INCH BABY DOLL: Baby Stella Boy doll features a soft tuft of fleece hair and a dino-themed onesie with a fabric hook and loop closure for easy doll clothing changes. With his warm smile and open arms embrace, Baby Stella Boy doll is meant to be cuddled, snuggled and held tightly.
  • BABY'S FIRST FRIEND: Baby Stella dolls all feature magnetic pacifiers, life-like toes, fingers and belly button, perfectly plump tummies and embroidered facial features. With removable and interchangeable doll outfits and diapers, these ultra-soft and huggable first baby dolls truly are Baby's First Friend.
  • SOFT DOLL DETAILS: Measuring 15 inches head to toe, Baby Stella Boy doll is a suitable fabric doll for 1 year and up. Arriving in giftable retail packaging, Baby Fella and all of the Baby Stella nurturing doll accessories are perfect gifts and toys for toddler girls and boys. Surface washable only.
  • DIVERSE BABY DOLL COLLECTION: Baby Stella dolls come in a variety of fabric skin tones and hair styles, with cloth dolls for boys and girls. The Baby Stella collection also features a wide variety of baby doll accessories, from doll clothing and caregiving playsets, to doll carriers and furniture. Baby Stella inspires little ones to role-play, nurture, and care.
  • WHY MANHATTAN TOY: If you're reading this, you've found a safe toy from a real company and a brand that cares. Since 1978, Manhattan Toy has been a trusted source of imaginative toys and dolls for babies, toddlers and kids of all ages. All of our toys are rigorously safety tested and every toy has our 800 number with a dedicated customer support team to answer your call.

Questions About The Best Educational Toys for 1-Year-Olds

What developmental milestones is a 1-year-old working on?

The most important developmental milestones ( for 12-month-olds are learning to crawl, walk, talk, and work on gross and fine motor skills. Learning how to interact with other people in the world is important as well. Slowly the world will include more than just them, mom, and dad.

Mimicking other people’s behavior is another key development at this age. They may even start following simple commands like handing you a book or peekaboo. Soon they will talk up a storm and even dance to music before the years is over.

This is one of the best ages as you get to see the world fresh through a new set of eyes. Everything is new and exciting. They even recognize their name and can understand no, although that doesn’t mean they will listen!

My 12-month-old doesn’t really play with toys just kind of throws them around or chews on them. Is this normal?

Yes, babies make mess mainly because they don’t know how to play with something properly or the function of the item. Making a mess is a step in the right direction. It’s a clue that they need help understanding the toy. Take the time to sit down and show them how the toy works. They will still make a mess but after they mimic your behavior.

Can my 12-month-old play with toys meant for older children?

Yes, but only if the toy doesn’t have any small pieces they can choke on and if they have constant adult supervision. Babies put a lot of stuff in their mouth or lick things or end up hitting themselves with toys. Be selective and pragmatic about what toys you let your child play with at an early age.

Wrapping Up With The Best Educational Toys for 1-Year-Olds

Help your baby learn lots of skill from their first to their second birthday. The best educational toys for 1-year-old will help! Babies love buttons and mimicking their family more than anything else at this age so toys with those options like the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker will help to encourage growth and learning all while having fun. Here is a YouTube video that shows how a precious little guy plays with his:

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