The Top Educational Toys for an 11 Year Old Reviewed

educational toys for 11 year olds reviewedThe best educational toys for 11-year-olds help them to learn for school and brain growth.

At this age, their attention span has increased and more difficult toys appeal to the new abilities. They also want to understand the world around them better.

This list of toys will help you find the right gift or learning instrument for an 11-year-old.

Best Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds

With so many different toys vying for your eleven year old child’s attention, choosing the ones that will challenge and engage their mind can be a challenge. To help save you some time, here are our picks for the best educational toys for 11-year olds:

1. Robobloq Robot Kit

Robobloq Robot Kit reviewThe Robobloq Robot Kit transforms into six different robots. Kids can find their favorite version, Friendly Li’l Guardian, Cool Captain Alloy, Knowledgeable Voyager, Hard-Working Dozer, Brave cavalier, or the Proud Scorpion. No matter what their favorite, this STEM toy makes engineering and robotics fun.

First, children need to assemble the 174 pieces including an electric board, based on Arduino development, along with detection ports and other cool gadgets. No remote control necessary as this robot is controlled through a free app download. The app works with IOS and Android using Scratch 3.0.

The app helps them to learn programming with Python and Arduino software for advanced coding options. Also, children can expand the fun by building with additions such as Legos or other building blocks as the toys compatible. They will also enjoy multiple playing modes including Music play, LED emotions, Color change, obstacle course, and many other options.

Finally, the robot requires 6 AA. The kit teaches coding, programming, robotics, technology, concentration, patience, math skills, and much more. A great tool to help children gain an understanding of future careers.


The instructions need work as they are very basic and difficult to follow. Another issue is the software is not always up-to-date. Thankfully, companies often offer updates on software on a regular basis.

STEM Robot Kit - DIY 6 in 1 Advanced Mechanical Building Block with Remote Control for Kids, Robobloq Educational Toy with 174 Pieces for Programming and Learning How to Code
49 Reviews
STEM Robot Kit - DIY 6 in 1 Advanced Mechanical Building Block with Remote Control for Kids, Robobloq Educational Toy with 174 Pieces for Programming and Learning How to Code
  • 6 IN 1 Transformable Robot: Six basic forms with Friendly Li'l Guardian, Cool Captain Alloy, Knowledgeable Voyager, Hard-Working Dozer, Brave cavalier, Proud Scorpion. This educational STEM robot toy makes engineering more fun
  • Easily Control & Assemble: Built with 174 pieces and include Qmind Plus electric board based on Arduino development, 8 Auto detection port, touch and Humidity& temperature sensors. Connect with your smart device and download the free Robobloq app to control the robot
  • Drag-and-Drop Graphical Programming: Robobloq App (IOS/Android) developed based on scratch 3.0 provides a quick way to learn programming. Python and Arduino Coding on PC MyQode (Windows/macOS/Linux/Chrome OS) software for higher level coding
  • Perfect Compatibility: This building toys are 100% compatible with all major Mechanical Building Block sets for creative building. It's perfect tech toy if you want to build your own robot and explore endless learning activities
  • Multiple Playing Modes : Remote control, music playing, obstacle avoidance, Multiple prgramming LED emotion mode, Color change and so more, it's up to you to explore. Kids will love this interesting robot

2. USA Toyz Illuminated Constellation World Globe for Kids

USA Toyz Illuminated Constellation World Globe for Kids reviewThe Illuminated constellation World Globe allows children three ways to enjoy the world. First, this works as a detailed world map info color. Second, flip the switch and watch the Globe illuminate the night sky to show off the constellations. Third, Connect the glow to an app on Android or iOS for knowledge-based learning.

As the globe lights up, it can serve as a nightlight for children or even for adults. The nightlight mode allows children to learn about the different aspects of the sky. From astronomy two zodiac signs and planetary locations, your child can learn as a fall sleep.

The globe comes on a sturdy steel base and measures 13.5 inches tall and 9 inches in diameter. The map shows latitude and longitude, major rivers, deserts and reefs, oceans and seas, and major regions and cities around the globe.

The Globe also comes with a constellation guidebook to learn more about the stars. No need for batteries is this place into the wall. A beautiful gift and the core piece children can keep for the rest of their life.


The illumination works best in a dark room. However, this is true of most night lights. Some consumers receive defective models that did not light up but the overwhelming majority received properly working globes.

USA Toyz LED Illuminated Globe of The World with Sturdy Chrome Stand - 3 in 1 Educational Interactive Globe STEM Toy, Light Up Earth Globe, Constellation Globe and Nightlight, 13.5 Inch Tall
1,003 Reviews
USA Toyz LED Illuminated Globe of The World with Sturdy Chrome Stand - 3 in 1 Educational Interactive Globe STEM Toy, Light Up Earth Globe, Constellation Globe and Nightlight, 13.5 Inch Tall
  • 3-IN-1 WORLD GLOBE FOR KIDS: Interactive STEM toy features detailed earth globe geography, LED globe constellations, and a plug-in nightlight; valuable indoor learning toy with easy-to-read texts
  • EDUCATIONAL LIGHT UP GLOBE: Bonus interactive globe app and an illustrated constellation booklet are included to learn more about astronomy and Earth’s geography
  • TIP-RESISTANT STAND WITH 360° ROTATION: Discover 88 constellations, stars, and navigational lines in the dark; this world globe features a stable and durable chromed steel globe stand
  • SPECS: Our plug in globe of the world measures 13.5” tall (base to top) and 9” in diameter; includes and replaceable LED globe light bulb and a power cord
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: Illuminated globe works as a desk globe decor and smart globe light for any room at home or in the office

3. Code Rocket Coding Toy

Code Rocket Coding Toy reviewIf your child dreams of flying to the moon, let him practice with the Code Rocket Coding Toy. This rocket could inspire your child to become a NASA engineer while learning Coding through 20 free online projects. Great for children ages eight through twelve.

The easy to use toy includes built-in LED lights, buttons, and a speaker all on a rocket-shaped base. With everything already attached to the rocket, children can begin coding immediately upon taking the item out-of-the-box. They do not need any electronics experience to enjoy the toy.

Twenty free online projects teach C++ coding just like they use at NASA. This is the next step from block-coding or scratch-coding. This software works on Windows-based machines as well as IOS and does not require an Internet connection.

Lastly, children can learn coding concepts such as variables, loops, functions, ‘if’ statements, and troubleshooting. Includes coding prompt cards to help with using the rocket. A valuable STEM toy to learn about technology and electronics.


The rocket app does not work with smartphones or tablets, you must use with a computer. Also, the rocket is smaller than it looks in the picture but this means its easier to store!

Let's Start Coding Code Rocket 2018 Edition - 2019 Update Available!
20 Reviews
Let's Start Coding Code Rocket 2018 Edition - 2019 Update Available!
  • CHALLENGING FUN : Inspire the next NASA engineer with this toy that teaches coding through 20 free online projects. Perfect for curious and smart kids aged 8 - 12
  • EASY TO USE : 8 built-in LED lights, two buttons, and a speaker on Code Rocket mean you can start playing and coding immediately. No electronics experience required
  • REAL LEARNING : 20 free online projects teach typed C++ coding just like what is used at NASA. The perfect next step from block-coding or Scratch-coding
  • PERFECT GIFT : Provides hours of fun for kids and huge learning opportunities that might inspire their career. Highly awarded by parent review organizations
  • Free software requires a Mac, Windows, or Chromebook computer or laptop and an internet connection. Not compatible with smartphones or tablets

4. 4M Volcano and Crystal Mining Science Kit

4M Volcano and Crystal Mining Science Kit reviewWith the 4M Volcano and Crystal Mining Kit allows kids to learn cause and effect. Preteens love to watch explosions and now they can join a stunning volcanic eruption at home. They also love crystals and geodes so this offers the best of two worlds.

First, your child needs to excavate the volcano to unearth the crystals. Then they make a volcano with plaster and a base before watching the explosion. Great for teaching about history, and extreme weather along with learning about sediments and other natural processes.

Includes everything needed to paint and assembles a fizzing volcano along with crystals in a brick, a magnifying glass, chisel, and a booklet about crystals. Geology appeals to many children and inspires a love of science and history. Great for budding archaeologists or even weatherman.

Another great aspect of a volcano kit is the option to cause another explosion using simple ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. If your child has a science project due, this could be the perfect option for an interactive, hands-on project the whole class will enjoy. A fun project to help siblings bond too.


Volcanos are messy, both real and fake versions. The set does not include instructions. You may need to go on the website to get instructions if you do not know what you are doing. Therefore, kids may need assistance with this project.

4M Volcano and Crystal Mining Science Kit
69 Reviews
4M Volcano and Crystal Mining Science Kit
  • Build a volcano and use it to perform a stunning volcanic eruption on your table top
  • Excavate your volcano to unearth beautiful crystals which are formed after the volcanic eruptions of long ago
  • Experience the unlimited fun of geological science
  • Includes a volcano mold, plaster mix, six paint colors, paint brush, a stirrer, digging tool, a brush, a magnifier, display sets with a cover and base card, a pouch bag, a sheet of fun graphics for decoration, instructions
  • This item is recommended for ages 8 years and up

5. Euler’s Disk Spinning and Rotating Light

Euler's Disk Spinning and Rotating Light reviewThe Euler’s Disk is a unique toy with several scientific benefits. What is so great about this toy though, is trying to figure out why. Why does it keep spinning and making sound? Encourage children to ask why. The answer is rolling friction but they don’t need to know that.

Item’s with sides may fall prey to gravity faster than round items because of acceleration. See, you are learning something too which means you know your child will learn from the mystifying disc. A low friction surface means the disc can spin much longer than on a regular surface.

While the disc spins, it makes interesting noises from frequency and the noise gets higher and higher pitched as if to keep a children’s attention. For even more fun, have your child try the disc on different surfaces to see how long it takes to settle down. This turns the toy into a scientific experiment in cause and effect.

Finally, the set comes with a slightly concave mirror base to coax spinning and vibrating from the thick steel disc. The Toysmith set takes the fun up another notch with magnetized holographic foil liners to add to the 3-inch disc for a mesmerizing light and sound show to enthrall child and adults too.


The base may be too light for the heavy steel disc. Any smooth surface will accomplish the goal of creating the right environment for the disc to spin long term. The magnetic decals may hinder spinning so try with and without.

Euler's Disk Spinning and Rotating Light
15 Reviews
Euler's Disk Spinning and Rotating Light
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  • We cannot honor tax exemptions.

6. 4D Orca Anatomy 12.5 inch Model

4D Orca Anatomy 12.5 inch Model reviewFor the future zoologist, I present the 4D Anatomy of an orca whale. This highly detailed 12.5-inch model includes 16 detachable hand-painted organs and parts along with a display stand. Your child gets to assemble a whale. After their finished assembling the whale, they can use the whale for decoration in their room.

One side of the orca looks like the exterior of a whale. On the other side, you get it exceptionally detailed glance at the inside of a whales anatomy. This toy helps children to use critical thinking as a build dexterity and problem-solving skills assembling the whale body parts.

While whales are not similar to humans in body shape, basic anatomy is the same in every mammal. All mammals have a skeleton, heart, liver, and other organs. This toy provides a unique way to understand mammal anatomy.

For those children who a dream I’m working as a Marine scientist or even has a trainer at Sea World, this toy gets an inside look at what goes into as you well just career. Finally, they can take the toy apart and put it back together again to try and find new Learning opportunities each time


No issues with this toy at all. Do keep it away from younger sibling’s as it does contain smaller pieces. The pieces are breakable so make sure to keep out of reach of falling and the family pet.

4D Orca Anatomy 12.5 inch Model - Build your Own with 16 detachable parts & stand!
1 Reviews
4D Orca Anatomy 12.5 inch Model - Build your Own with 16 detachable parts & stand!
  • Build your own anatomy model of the orca whale
  • This exceptionally detailed, 12.5" model contains 16 detachable, hand-painted organs and parts and a display stand. Also includes illustrated assembly guide, description of the anatomy, a detailed description of the orca life cycle, eating habits and size along with some fun Q/A to test your knowledge
  • Busy hands build strong minds. This accurate 4D anatomy model offers a unique puzzle challenge that inspires critical thought and mental acuity. Plus, it helps build dexterity, fine motor skills and problem solving skills and reinforce learning through hands-on exploration
  • A nice addition to curriculum for teaching marine science or any child's science fair project related to marine science.
  • Collect the series and have your own marine science museum including orca, crocodile, dolphin, great white shark and frog. Ages 8 and up

7. Timeline 6: American History

Timeline 6: American History reviewIf your child is having issues in history class try the board game Timeline 6: American History for a fun change of pace. The game works for children over the age of eight and takes about 15 minutes to play. What children will love is the manga-inspired like art.

The cars included in the game are beautiful and each offers a historic event along with the year. Go back to Mayflower and learn up the timeline about the great moments in American history. Make this your new family night go-to game and help your kids understand our country better.

Learning about the timeline of events helps children remember important parts of history and gives them an advantage in class. Along with learning history and memorization, this game can also help children learn about geography. Use a map while playing the game so kids can visualize where an event took place for added learning.

Players have hands of cards and take turns attempting to correctly organize the events into a timeline. Helps to drill dates into your head as you try to figure out which came first. Was Woodstock before Watergate? Is Harvard older than the Salem Witch Trials? Play the game to find out!


The cards are smaller than traditional cards. One customer pointed out the game seems to omit important dates about women, Native Americans, and African Americans too. The game is a bit high in price for a deck of cards but does come in a beautifully illustrated tin.

Timeline 6: American History
135 Reviews
Timeline 6: American History
  • Fun and educational
  • Beautifully illustrated cards
  • The sixth in the popular Timeline series
  • Ages: 8 and older
  • Number of Players: 2-8

8. WeGetDone Build Your Own Solar City Kit

WeGetDone Build Your Own Solar City Kit reviewTeach your child the power of eco-friendly power with the WeGetDone Build Your Own Solar City Project. Building the city will challenge your child’s imagination as they learn about solar energy with solar panels and batteries without stepping outside your home. Children love Lego-style building sets as an imaginative outlet and this set works similarly.

All of the necessary parts come in the box to build a tiny solar-powered city. Children can learn how sunlight converts to energy like a little scientist. The set encourages young minds to understand the responsibility they have to care for the planet with renewable resources.

The Eco-City works great for future engineers, scientists, mechanics, and those interested in planet responsibility. Building the 3D city takes patience and focus while also leaving plenty of room for experimenting especially with STEM concepts. Detailed instructions walk kids through the design process.

Lastly, you will need to provide 2 AA batteries for the toy. Take the opportunity to explain green energy sources and how it relates to your child’s life as they enjoy the power sources creating lights and sounds. Your child may end up wanting to find ways to help you save money on your electric bill!


The small pieces mean you need to keep this set away from younger siblings under the age of five.

WeGetDone Build Your Own Solar Eco Police City Kit for Science Project - Craft for Kids Toys for 8+
2 Reviews
WeGetDone Build Your Own Solar Eco Police City Kit for Science Project - Craft for Kids Toys for 8+
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Challenge your child's imagination with toys and kits. Learn about solar energy and solar panels or batteries indoor.
  • EDUCATIONAL - This kit includes all the parts necessary to build one solar-powered city. Learn how sunlight is converted to energy. Educational toys cover a wide range of educational subjects and include science kits arts and crafts kits robotics kits and more.
  • LEARNING FUN - Perfect for a young scientist with an interest in mechanics and alternate energy sources. Build this cool police station city and see it come to life. LED sign display, siren, lights, car and garage.
  • SIMPLE PLAY - Simply Multi-Construction Eco-Energy latest build n create your own 3D construction components and modules together. Great way to have fun, then pull them apart once finished. This encourages kids to experiment on their own, and improves critical thinking and hand-eye coordination.
  • SATISACTION - Guaranteed to support all STEM components of learning.

9. Monopoly My Hero Academia Board Game

Monopoly My Hero Academia Board Game reviewIf you have tried to get your child to play Monopoly in the past without success, it’s the second-best board game ever, then try a My Hero Academia version of this classic game. Many preteens are obsessed with manga and this particular manga offers some of the most popular characters sure to entice kids to try a new game. Even better, the game teaches math and strategy skills!

Have your kids pick a quirk (that’s from the manga books and tv show, trust me they know what it means) and a piece to play the game. Don’t forget to put all the extra money in free parking! This model also changes other features to match the popular comic series. Instead of community chest, you have Go Beyond and Plus Ultra cards.

Instead of Park Place, your child can purchase ‘All Might’ which is the goal of the series. A fun re-invention of an old game to entice younger generations to learn about monopolies, rent, math, strategic, logic, and avoiding jail! A necessary addition for family game night.


The game is a little complicated for kids the first few times. Help them out and try to be patient as they learn new concepts.

Monopoly My Hero Academia Board Game | Themed Monopoly Board Game | Custom Collectable Tokens | Bring Your Favorite My Hero Academia Show to Life in This Custom Monopoly Game
185 Reviews
Monopoly My Hero Academia Board Game | Themed Monopoly Board Game | Custom Collectable Tokens | Bring Your Favorite My Hero Academia Show to Life in This Custom Monopoly Game
  • Custom sculpted tokens of the UA Sigil, Stain's Knife, Eraserhead's Visor, and more take players around the board to build up Rewards and Trophies on spaces named after Heroes from the popular anime series.
  • Bring your favorite My Hero Academia show to life in this custom Monopoly game
  • Introduce friends and family to a fun adventure
  • Includes a custom game board, cards and collectible tokens of Eraserhead's Visor, Grenade Glove, Deku's Mask, Dummy Bomb, Shigaraki's Hand, and UA Sigil
  • 2-6 Players | Ages 8+ | 60 Min Play Time

10. KLOO’s Learn to Speak Spanish Language Board Game

KLOO's Learn to Speak Spanish Language Board Game reviewThe last toy of the list is also a board game. This game, however, focuses on teaching Spanish. In Race to Madrid, the whole family can improve their Spanish vocabulary and learn new words about shopping, clothing, and everyday objects. Board games appeal to 11-year-olds as they work for older people like themselves.

First, deal all of the players seven cards. Now you make sentences with those cards starting with a red card. All of the other cards have color-coded arrows to tell you which card you need next. Each card also has a Spanish phrase and a word. Score points by the number of cards you play and translate.

All of the cards will be translated by the end of the game as you gain enough points to win the game. Learn words, make sentences, win the game. Works best for children ages seven and up. A wonderful way to increase vocabulary and build new brain paths.

If your child enjoys learning from the game you might convince them to start learning Spanish full time before high school. The younger a child learns a new language the more cognitive ability they will gain and retain. Includes, cards, game board, and more!


The game does not have adjectives as it hopes to keep the games simple enough for everyone to play. However, adjectives could make the game a whole lot more fun with added humor. Focuses on Spain Spanish, not Latin American Spanish which is used more often in America.

KLOO's Learn to Speak Spanish Language Board Game - Race to Madrid by KLOO Games
117 Reviews
KLOO's Learn to Speak Spanish Language Board Game - Race to Madrid by KLOO Games
  • KLOO's Learn to Speak Spanish Language Board Game - Race to Madrid

Questions About The Best Educational Toys for 11-Year-Olds

Can my son use a learning toy for a science project?

Yes! Several of the options above can help with science projects or fairs. If nothing else, learning toys can inspire children to find an idea. The best options above are the Orca Whale anatomy model and the Volcano kit.

The options are endless though. Building a 3D solar city would make for a powerful scientific display. Even the Euler’s Disk would provide an innovative and interesting basis for a science project. The point of learning toys is to provide the necessary tools and education to inspire young minds and imaginations to create innovative ideas in the future.

My 11-year-old doesn’t play with a lot of toys anymore. Will she like these toys?

Getting kids off of electronics is a challenging prospect indeed but can be done. You may actually have to disconnect WiFi to get your kids to play with any toy even their favorites as electronics are so addictive. The great thing about educational toys is they are often very interactive.

At my house, I do not electronics during the week so children will focus on homework and learning. This gives the kids time to play with toys, visit with friends, play on the swing set, and most importantly, stay off the iPad! Your household may work differently and that is fine but try and find an incentive to get kids off the TV and video games to explore all the world has to offer.

How do I pick a toy if my child doesn’t seem to be leaning toward a specific career path?

Picking a toy is easier when your child hasn’t determined a specific path. If your child has no general direction you may want to buy more toys to help them find what works for them. Most kids right now find anything electronic enchanting so you cannot go wrong with one of those options.

Maybe by asking what your child’s favorite class is in school. Do they hate math? Do they love science? They might prefer history or Language Arts. We, adults, have a better grasp of what options are available in each category. Once you know their favorite subject try a few toys in that category to help them find their niche.

If you still cannot figure out what your child likes or they balk at every toy, try board games. Most children can find at least one board game they love. Another advantage of board games is quality family time as you play the games together.

Wrapping Up Best Educational Toys for 11-Year-Olds

The best educational toys for 11-year-olds help to expand their imagination while teaching important skills to help them in the future. The best toy off this list to meet that criteria is the WeGetDone Build Your Own Solar City Project (B07K1PHRB5). This toy helps to encourage children to find renewable power sources to understand how the world operates while fostering a social responsibility to treat our planet with care. Finally, not only does the toy help children to learn multiple skills but is massively fun and imaginative in the process!

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