The Top Educational Toys for a 9 Year Old Reviewed

9 year old educational toys reviewedAt nine years old your child is growing like a weed. It’s not just their bodies that are growing but also their brains. They’ve also learned the art of arguing. Help them argue less at least when it comes to learning with the best educational toys for nine-year-olds. Focus on toys that allow them to create or engineer along with coding for all the best that STEM toys have to offer.

Best Educational Toys for 9 Year Olds

1. GeoSmart Mars Explorer

GeoSmart Mars Explorer review

The GeoSmart Mars Explorer set brings a whole new life to STEM and building toys. This magnetic construction site comes with a patented double locking system for safety. Give your child a gift of learning and an imaginary trip to Mars.

Most children love magnetic building sets and this will be a great addition to their collection. The set includes a motor and remote control for more dynamic play. With 51 colorful geometric pieces, your child can build a roving machine to help him explore other planets.

Mind you, the machine when finished cannot go to Mars. However, this opens your child’s imagination wide-open. They can learn many skills including odd shape recognition, math skills, engineering skills, patience, focused, and hand-eye coordination. Using the colorfully illustrated instruction book, a child can learn to follow instructions before attempting their own creations.

Finally, the set works best for children between the ages of five and twelve. If they like to set, the can expand to moon landers as well for more educational and fun learning. Everything your child needs is in the box including tracks, wheels, couplings, arms, and a transistor and receiver. You will need to purchase seven AAA batteries which are not included.

Here is a quick preview of the GeoSmart Mars Explorer:


The price is a little on the high side, however, there’s no good price for learning. Keeping the tracks on the wheels can occasionally be an issue. The magnets may not be strong enough for some children’s creations. Guide them towards smaller rovers for the best success.

GeoSmart Mars Explorer STEM-Focused 51-Piece GeoMagnetic Vehicle Building Set
26 Reviews
GeoSmart Mars Explorer STEM-Focused 51-Piece GeoMagnetic Vehicle Building Set
  • Stem focused magnetic construction
  • A patented double locking system for ultimate safety
  • Strong magnets and high quality materials
  • Features a motor and remote control for dynamic play
  • Includes 51 colorful, geometric pieces

2. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Fun Robot Building Set

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Fun Robot Building Set review

Lego building blocks have inspired children’s imaginations for decades. The highly entertaining building blocks are now getting an upgrade to a coding toy with the Boost Creative Toolbox Fun Robot Building Set. A fabulous STEM toy your child is guaranteed to love if they spend a lot of time playing with Legos.

Inside the box, you will find 847 Lego pieces to build and rebuild five Multi functioning robots. Future engineers and scientists Love the latest technology such as sensors to recognize color, distance, and tilt. Some options I can build include Vernie the robot, a guitar, the cat, an auto builder, or a Rover.

Each of these configurations can be trained through coding to follow commands. For example, the robot can dance. All the coding configurations work via an app on a tablet or mobile phone. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows 10.

Last of all, the Torah requires six AAA batteries which are not included so their new creation can do its job. As with all Lego sets, add on other sets to inspire new creations. The step-by-step instructions help to teach your child coding, engineering, math, and creativity.


The instructions can be easier to follow and the app could use an update. One of the great benefits of applications is quick access to free upgrades. You need to check if your Mobile device is compatible with the set.

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Fun Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit for Kids, Award-Winning STEM Learning Toy (847 Pieces)
1,206 Reviews
LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Fun Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit for Kids, Award-Winning STEM Learning Toy (847 Pieces)
  • Who doesn't love robots? Introduce kids to the creative world of coding with the best educational STEM toys to foster their curiosities. Building, learning, and programming robots has never been more fun!
  • Includes 847 LEGO pieces that kids can build and rebuild into 5 cool multifunctional models. The best and most popular robotics toys for 7-12 year old boys and girls who love to tinker and learn about science. Use the latest tech like color, distance and tilt sensors.
  • Construct and code Vernie the Robot to dance, rock out on the Guitar4000, foster Frankie the Cat, interact with the Autobuilder, or explore a new discovery with the M.T.R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4). The IQ-boosting activities are endless!
  • Award-winning toy and the perfect gift for kids and teenagers. Instructions for all 5 models are included with the free LEGO BOOST app. Download in the Amazon Appstore: Requires 6x AAA 1.5V batteries (not included).
  • Vernie the Robot stands over 10" (27cm) tall, Guitar4000 over 1” (5cm) high, 16” (42cm) long and 5” (15cm) wide, Frankie the Cat over 6” (17cm) tall, AutoBuilder over 10” (27cm) high, M.T.R.4 over 4” (12cm) high, 9” (23cm) long and 5” (14cm) wide.

3. Alesis Melody 61 MKII | 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Alesis Melody 61 MKII | 61-Key Portable Keyboard review

Music is one of the best gifts you can give your children for their education. Not only can they learn to read music, but they can also learn to follow instructions and find their creative style. A Portable Keyboard offers the easiest and more advanced way to learn the fundamentals of music.

The keyboard comes with 61 full-sized keys and it includes the small screen to listen to 300 built in tones with Claire and split modes as well. One-touch song mode includes rhythms or they can play along with 40 demo songs. Of course, your child’s records her own song with the included microphone and headset.

Also included is the adjustable-height bench to go along with the adjustable height stand. The box also includes a music rest and a power adapter. This keyboard is easy enough to use even for younger children like a nine-year-old while still working properly as an adult piano instead of childish piano.

Music not only opens new pathways in the brain it helps your children to understand the fundamentals of math and science. Other educational skills include reading music, writing music, and dedication to practice. As the keyboard is portable, they can take it with them wherever they go. Requires six included AA batteries.


As with most musical instruments, traveling through the mail system can cause some sound issues. Check the quality of sound before giving to your child in case you need to return for a model shipped with a gentle touch. The sound quality should not hurt your ears, however, it’s not on the same level as a grand piano.

Alesis Melody 61 MKII | 61 Key Portable Keyboard with Built In Speakers, Headphones, Microphone, Piano Stand, Music Rest and Stool
3,471 Reviews
Alesis Melody 61 MKII | 61 Key Portable Keyboard with Built In Speakers, Headphones, Microphone, Piano Stand, Music Rest and Stool
  • 61 responsive piano style keys with built in speakers perfect for practicing and performing to your friends and family
  • 300 built in tones with layer and split modes
  • One touch song mode with 300 built in rhythms
  • Play along with 40 demo songs or record your own
  • Includes an easy to assemble stand, a bench with three adjustable height settings, headphones, a music rest, a power adapter and even a microphone for singing along while you play

4. Piper Computer Kit – Teach Kids to Code

Piper Computer Kit - Teach Kids to Code review

Most children learn how to use technology at a faster rate than adults. Give your child the tools to understand technology with the Piper Computer Kit. Is hands-on STEM learning toy allows your child to build their own computer and learn to code at the same time.

This build-your-own computer kit includes everything your child needs from controls, switches, buttons, and lights for an actual functioning computer. However, this computer is made of wood components along with the technology. It does, however, have a functioning screen and even sound. The set also includes a Minecraft, the pie edition, in story mode levels.

How can you make this a computer when it’s so small? Easy. Those familiar with Raspberry Pi know computers can be that small and functional even for beginners to computers like children. As long as they stick to the instructions this plug-and-play computer inspires them into a career of the future.

Finally, this engaging set once built I love child practice coating based on Google’s Blockly’s easy drag-and-drop visual programming language. PiperCode comes with 11 challenging projects for your child to work on coding. Each challenge becomes more difficult progressively. The instructions come in an extra-large size to function as a workspace.


The price of this build-your-own computer cost about the same as a new chrome book or low-level computer. It does not include a keyboard. While this will be an actual computer when build, it will not function and a chrome book or are their computers. This is the foundation kit meant to teach STEM skills not to create a usable computer for everyday life.

Piper Computer Kit: Award-Winning Build-A-Computer Age 8+ STEAM Learning, with Raspberry Pi, Google Blockly, StoryMode, Games, Python, and Amazing Projects!
58 Reviews
Piper Computer Kit: Award-Winning Build-A-Computer Age 8+ STEAM Learning, with Raspberry Pi, Google Blockly, StoryMode, Games, Python, and Amazing Projects!
  • BUILD A COMPUTER: Includes all the components needed to build a fully-functioning computer! A Raspberry Pi, 9" screen, DIY speaker, rechargeable battery. Teaching kids to be STEAM-capable; coding their own games, interactive projects and more!
  • HANDS-ON STEAM PROJECTS: Building the computer is only the beginning! Using Piper’s StoryMode, kids are guided through a secret mission, attaching wires and connecting electronic components to move around an immersive world and controlling the outcome.
  • LEARN TO CODE: With a Piper Computer Kit, kids learn the basics of coding with 11 progressively challenging projects based on Google Blockly's easy, drag-and-drop visual coding language. Using PiperCode, kids progress through tangible tasks that increase their level of confidence.
  • CREATED FOR KIDS AGES 8+: Designed by educators to foster self-paced learning, kids advance from foundational tasks through more challenging projects at their own pace. They can progress to pre-loaded Python programming language, deepening their engagement and competence.
  • THE BUILD IS JUST THE BEGINNING: Piper Computer Kit features an integrated, build-it-yourself speaker and amplifier. The 9" display features 1024 x 600 HDMI resolution, making for eye-popping graphics. The kit is engineered for multi-rebuilds, with a sturdy carrying case. Beyond the build, Piper Computer Kit launches kids into an expansive, adventurous world of learning disguised as fun, with dozens of playable projects from Day One.

5. Bones Animal Science Kit for Kids

Bones Animal Science Kit for Kids review

If your child has aspirations to become a veterinarian, consider giving them this Bones Animal Science Kit for Kids by hand2mind. Sets like this one, Bring biology to life and exciting way by allowing children to learn the importance of small creatures and the food chain.

The bones kit allows your child to explore and recreate an owl and owl pellets. This part kind of gross. Owl pellets are the undigested contents of their stomach. While disgusting, most nine-year-olds love the gross aspects of science and animals. What might be a drawback for us may be a win for children.

A 20-page book filled with colorful facts and illustrations provides your child with hours of research at home without bringing dead mice or other rodents into your home. You are giving the gift of career selection to your child as they can use this biology set to determine if zoology or wildlife biology fit with their desires for future careers.

The contents of the box allow your child to observe and dissect the owl pellets with a magnifying glass – and disposable gloves! – before reconstructing an owl skeleton or spend time sorting the bones for classification. All this without the blood or flesh from a live owl. Trust me, your kitchen will stay much cleaner with this set while sating your child’s appetite for science.


Do not allow younger siblings around this toy. Owls have tiny fragile bones that can break into multiple pieces. Also, the owl pellets can be quite tough and may require soaking before dissecting. Finally, this is a little pricey for what you get. However, this is a unique set with very few similar options on the market.

hand2mind Animal Science Kit For Kids (Ages 8+) - Build 10 STEM Experiments & Activity Set | Learn Veterinary & Animal Biology, Dissect Owl Pellets, and More | Educational Toys | STEM Authenticated
40 Reviews
hand2mind Animal Science Kit For Kids (Ages 8+) - Build 10 STEM Experiments & Activity Set | Learn Veterinary & Animal Biology, Dissect Owl Pellets, and More | Educational Toys | STEM Authenticated
  • EXPLORE AND LEARN - Welcome to the exciting world of biology, owl pellets, and bones
  • 10 learning activities & 8 lab tools that allows your little one to play and learn the importance of small critters, nature, owl, and food chain
  • Our 20-page fact-filled colorful lab guide is jam packed with pictures and information that will keep your kid busy with fun for HOURS in your own home
  • EXPLORE why scientist study owl pellets to see the changes in the habitat or environment
  • DISCOVER careers in zoology and wildlife biology

6. Yellow Scope – Paper Chromatography, The Art & Science of Color

Yellow Scope - Paper Chromatography, The Art & Science of Color review

If your child dreams of chemistry and art try the Paper Chromatography Kit by Yellow Scope. For those unfamiliar with Chromatography, it’s a method of testing chemicals or separating dissolved chemical substance by taking advantage of their different rates of migration across the paper. Also, it’s inexpensive and requires very few supplies.

Children can have hours of fun revealing colors on paper using a fancy scientific method. As a matter of fact, they can perform over 100 experiments with high-quality lab supplies. A great tool to teach children the methods of experimenting with science and fostering a love of learning especially STEM learning.

The kit includes 2 beakers, safety goggles, 10 sheets of scientific chromatography paper, dropper pipette, stir stick,12 colored markers, and green food coloring. Also, the set includes an easy-to-follow instruction book with 32 pages for lab notes. Help your child love learning with a creative kit geared toward what children love, vibrant colors and simple yet rewarding experiments.


The price is rather high for what’s in the box as most of this can be bought at a local store cheaper. However, the chromatography paper is hard to find and expensive which makes up the difference in price. Still a very affordable price for a present.

YELLOW SCOPE - Paper Chromatography, The Art & Science of Color: A Creative Introduction to Science
269 Reviews
YELLOW SCOPE - Paper Chromatography, The Art & Science of Color: A Creative Introduction to Science
  • COLORFUL CHROMATOGRAPHY - Girls will have hours of fun revealing rainbows of color using a cool scientific technique called paper chromatography.
  • 100+ EXPERIMENTS - This kit is a chock-full of high quality lab supplies for hundreds of exciting color-changing experiments.
  • LEARN TO LOVE SCIENCE - With art and creativity front and center, this kit will appeal to all kids even those who might not realize they love science (yet!).
  • FUN & EDUCATIONAL - The 32-page Yellow Scope lab notebook teaches 8-12 year olds about the basics of how colored mixtures can be separated.
  • BECOME A SCIENTIST - The kit contains real lab equipment, including 2 beakers, colored safety goggles, 10 sheets of scientific chromatography paper, dropper pipette, stir stick, 32-page lab notebook, 12 colored markers, and green food coloring for hundreds of exciting, color-changing experiments.

7. STEM Club Toy Subscription: 8-13-year-olds

STEM Club Toy Subscription: 8-13-year-olds review

Instead of one kit, buy your child a year worth of STEM learning kits with a box subscription. The subscriptions come in three age groups but for nine-year-olds, you will want the 8-13-year-old category for great kits they can use for several years. You can even decide how often you want to get boxes either every month or only for 2-3 months depending on budget.

The STEM Club program handpicks and delivers STEM toys to your door for a low price. Each month age-appropriate toys will encourage your child to love learning through play. They can tinker with robotics, computers, natural science, engineering, technology, and math. A fun and inventive way to find where your child’s interest leans toward and even a direction for career paths.

Finally, as with most subscription boxes, you can cancel at any time. This is the gift that keeps on giving. Even better it gives your child something to look forward to every month with the promise of a surprise adventure in both learning and fun.


The age brackets have a few kinks to work out as eight-year-olds need lower skill level kits than a 13-year-old. However, kits meant for older children can be saved for future use. Some kits are too similar month to month.

STEM Club Toy Subscription: 5-7 year olds
1,896 Reviews
STEM Club Toy Subscription: 5-7 year olds
  • Subscribe and save up to 40% on STEM Toys
  • Discover highly-rated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) Toys from leading brands handpicked by Amazon’s Toy experts
  • Toys encourage understanding and exploration of STEM subjects for children in a fun and entertaining way
  • Support the development of essential skills like logic, creativity, and problem-solving
  • New for 2020 - STEM Club now includes limited selection of Arts and Crafts to encourage creativity, inspire imagination and innovation in children

8. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit review

With the Snap Circuits Jr Exploration Kit, your child can build working circuits. Just add batteries and brainpower. This kit provides your child’s with over 100 different electronic circuit projects. With over 30 electronic parts, your child can become a circuit genius and impress her friends and teachers.

As the entire kit is plug-and-play, there’re no tools are soldering needed. Children can snap the circuits into place and listen for a click to ensure that the electrical components connected. An instruction book with illustrations gives your children ideas to build on in the future, they can create their circuit design.

The kit includes instructions to build a photo-sensor, a flashing light, an adjustable volume siren along with many other options. This STEM toy provides basic skills in engineering, design, technology, and math. The brightly colored pieces making finding what you looking for much easier.

Finally, all the circuits modules are fully compatible. This hands-on education and electrical circuits set your child up for understanding the basics of technology design. Find out now any young age if your child has an aptitude for technology to head down this path for A future career.


Check the contents of the box to make sure no pieces missing and also that none of the pieces are damaged. As these are circuits that will be connected to a power source, someone can get burnt by a faulty circuit. Tell your children to turn off the toys and remove the batteries when it’s not in use.

Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100, Black
5,650 Reviews
Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100, Black
  • With this building toy, young engineers can assemble over 100 different electronic circuit projects with just 30+ electronic parts.
  • Kids can construct working models of a photo sensor, a flashing light, an Adjustable-Volume siren and much more!
  • This stem kit comes with a clear, easy to understand illustrated instruction manual
  • No tools needed! All parts Just click together and support a vigorous STEM/ steam educational curriculum.
  • Learn by doing. Designed for young engineers 8+.

9. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Break Open Geodes

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - Break Open Geodes review

Time to have children do a little excavating. No, not their bedroom but instead, 15 premium Geodes! The world is full of minerals, rocks, elements, and other natural items. Breaking open geodes helps children to understand nature and all the surprises the world has in store for them, at least on a natural level.

At first, when opening the box it looks like he just spent a ton of money on garden-variety rocks. Don’t worry, looks can deceive especially when it comes to geodes. Besides, that Hidden gem rocks find a colorfully illustrated guidebook, a magnifying glass, and goggles. Sorry parents, the hammer is not included and you will have to go scrounge around your garage.

This earth science kit provides hands-on experiment children love. Once they have opened all the geodes they can even display them on the included stand. These rocks make great decorations for a bedroom and teach children valuable science and history skills. You may just have to next explorer and you’re home.


This project requires a hammer and your nine-year-old child. Do what you can to mitigate potential problems by setting up a safe and secure area for your child to work with the geodes. Talk to your child about proper safety as a hammer can do serious damage devote themselves, other people, and objects such as windows. Also, a few customers did not receive a wide variety of colored geodes. Either way, your child gets the experience still if not the rainbow assortment.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - Break Open 15 Premium Geodes – Includes Goggles, Detailed Learning Guide & 3 Display Stands - Great Stem Science Gift for Mineralogy & Geology Enthusiasts of Any Age
609 Reviews
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - Break Open 15 Premium Geodes – Includes Goggles, Detailed Learning Guide & 3 Display Stands - Great Stem Science Gift for Mineralogy & Geology Enthusiasts of Any Age
  • EXPLORE CRYSTAL CAVES - Geodes are naturally forming volcanic rocks that contain amazing crystal formations inside. Crack them open and discover beautiful minerals!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - National Geographic selects only the best geodes collected from multiple mines around the world, so you’re guaranteed to find fascinating crystals
  • INSPIRING A GENERATION – Kids love these treasure-filled rocks! Encourage an appreciation of nature and geology in your child with this extraordinary science kit
  • TEACHING SCIENCE - Learn all about geodes and minerals with the full-color educational learning guide included
  • RESPECTED QUALITY - National Geographic is proud to provide only the highest quality toys and all our kits are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

10. Oregon Scientific SG268R Smart Globe

Oregon Scientific SG268R Smart Globe review

The Oregon Scientific Smart Globe provides children with an interactive globe to learn about the world they live in. Children at nine-years-old are finally beginning to understand the spatial reasoning between themselves and the space they live in and now you can show them the rest of the world.

Unlike other interactive globes, this one has a more adult feel which works great for children who want the older classification and wish to move away from babyish toys. They can still learn about geography with interesting facts. From currency to capitals, languages, history, and more, this toy helps children to learn over 4,000 facts to get ready for Jeopardy or just social studies class.

Last of all, the children can use the picture pad on the front to learn or they can connect to an app that works with iOS. For bilingual children, the global offers English, Italian, and French for a full global augmented reality experience. Includes one smart pen for easy navigation and requires three AA batteries.


The globe is a little on the pricey side but unlike other arguments of reality globes, this one can be used for children from the ages of five up through college.

Oregon Scientific SG268R Smart Globe Adventure AR Educational World Geography Kids - Learning Toy (Black)
59 Reviews
Oregon Scientific SG268R Smart Globe Adventure AR Educational World Geography Kids - Learning Toy (Black)
  • Interactive Globe
  • Explore geography, interesting facts, Currency and other unique information
  • Features 25 topics to explore: country, Capital and continent names, native language, National anthems, history, geography, amazing facts, local Currency, population, highest point, unique features and more
  • Over 4, 000 pieces of information built-in about the world

Questions About The Best Educational Toys for 9-Year-Olds

At nine-years-old, is my child old enough to learn a second language?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, the younger a child is the better chance of them learning a second language and retaining the information. Learning another language makes children smarter because it opens up different brain paths that would not have opened otherwise.

My daughter went to a German preschool (they call it kindergarten) for four months. In that time frame, she learned enough of the language that she could have full-blown conversations with locals. A few locals were even shocked she was American because her pronunciation and accent were perfect.

Learning a second language helps to improve memory and helps to expand their brain while it’s still in the growth process instead of when it’s finished growing. Also, bilingual kids tend towards more empathy for other children and cultures. Finally, learning more languages slows down the aging process!

Should my nine-year-old be reading chapter books instead of picture books?

Every nine-year-old is different when it comes to reading. All three of my children are excellent readers and have been from the start. My oldest children gave up pictures books by the time they were 7-years-old. My youngest who is now 8-years-old won’t give them up and still wants me to read those books to her even though she reads more eloquently out loud than I do!

The best bet is to phase out picture books. Start adding in chapter books for this age group with pictures like the dumb diary series. Remove old picture books your child doesn’t read anymore but keep their favorites until they are ready to move away from picture books completely.

Why are toys for nine-year-olds more expensive than toys for toddlers?

Everything gets more expensive as children grow older. The thing is, children need more challenging toys as they age so the price goes up as a reflection of the growth in skills. Sadly, your budget will have to compensate and not just with toys, but clothes and shoes too!

Wrapping Up With The Best Educational Toys for 9-Year-Olds

The best educational toys for 9-year-olds improve their current skills and increase the challenge. Like the Piper Computer Kit – Teach Kids to Code which teaches multiple skills in one toy. Even better, this toy can grow with your child and does not lose its cool factor when your child turns into a teenager. The price is high but provides so much room for learning, growth, and creativity.

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