5 Best Fitness Trackers For A Child Reviewed

child fitness tracker reviewWhile fitness trackers began as a tool for adults to measure various biometrics for health reasons, they’re now a popular kids accessory too.

Why, you might ask? Well, it turns out that kids like quantifying their health too. It’s interesting, and it allows them to track their training to see if they’re making improvements.

Kids fitness trackers should differ from those of adults. Children are way more likely to roll around in the mud, fall over, or spill their drink over their tracker, so manufacturers should make kids’ versions more robust. Kids fitness trackers are also easier to use (in general) and, as you might expect, come in a variety of bright colors.

Best Fitness Tracker For Child

While the field of entries is continually growing, some models are clearly better than others. Here are our picks for the best fitness trackers for a child currently on the market:

1. Garmin Vívofit JR 2

Garmin Vívofit JR 2 review

Garmin is currently one of the most successful electronics brands in the world. It has seen continuous growth across its product line, despite not making a smartphone or having an app store of its own.

The Vívofit JR 2 is the company’s second attempt at creating a wrist watch-style activity tracker that kids can wear. The electronics are fully integrated into the band and shielded by thick layers of plastic and rubber from the chaos of the outside world. The Marvel Avengers theme is likely to appear to children up to adolescents, with its bright and striking colors.

One of the thing that Garmin wanted to do with the fitness tracker is get rid of the constant need to charge. Kids already have devices on their bedside tables hooked up to the mains – they don’t need another to add to the list. Garmin, therefore, uses an old-fashioned alkaline battery for the Vívofit JR 2 which the company claims will provide a year’s worth of use before needing to be replaced. Yes, you read that correctly: a full year – unheard of in today’s daily charging landscape.

The Garmin, of course, isn’t a self-contained unit: you still need to connect it to a companion app on a mobile device. But as long as your four-to-seven-year-old child has a smartphone, you’re good to go.

While the design of the Garmin Vívofit JR 2 is exciting and striking, the actual functionality of the device leaves a lot to be desired. It’s as basic as you can imagine and for curious kids, might be too limiting. It just doesn’t have anywhere near the level of features you’d expect on a device at this price point.

So who is the Vívofit JR 2 for? Mostly, it’s for young children just beginning to use wearable devices. It’s a stylish product if a little lackluster when it comes to actual tracking features.

Garmin Vívofit Jr 2, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker, 1-Year Battery Life, Adjustable Band, Captain America
236 Reviews
Garmin Vívofit Jr 2, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker, 1-Year Battery Life, Adjustable Band, Captain America
  • Swim friendly kids activity tracker with Captain America theme
  • Kid-tough adjustable band, features a customizable color screen and 1+ year battery life; No recharging needed
  • Syncs with free mobile app, which includes chore management and schedule alert tools for parents
  • Kids Advance in Lutron's Revenge: A Marvel Avengers mission app adventures by meeting 60 minute daily activity goals
  • Tracks steps, sleep and 60 minutes of daily recommended activity

2. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR review

Letscom took an entirely different view. Instead of pandering to kid’s need for garish or flamboyant designs, the company opted instead for something utterly minimalistic and subtle. The company’s fitness tracker HR looks just like a Fitbit you might see on the wrist of a trendy adult with its block coloration and seamlessly integrated screen.

What exactly makes this a wrist tracker “for kids” isn’t entirely clear. The waterproofing is undoubtedly useful, but being able to resist sweat is something that both the adult and child market can benefit from.

The HR comes with a host of impressive features. You can connect the fitness tracker to GPS to see exactly where you have been. It’ll tell you how well you’ve slept, let you know if you’ve spent too long sitting, and provide you with smart notifications.

The Letscom, however, isn’t just about features: the company behind it has also focused extensively on comfort. The watch is made to a high standard and compared to many trackers on the market, doesn’t feel heavy or abrasive. This is the kind of tracker a child could wear all day and night, without feeling sore, even after vigorous exercise.

Letscom has been smart with the Fitness Tracker HR. It’s essentially an adult tracker with all the features that grown men and women expect. But it’s also a surprisingly child-friendly device, thanks to the quality construction and ability to survive full submersion. If you’ve got a bright kid, then this is the watch for them.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Smart Fitness Band with Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Pedometer Watch for Women and Men
1,741 Reviews
LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Smart Fitness Band with Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Pedometer Watch for Women and Men
  • Heart Rate & Sleep Monitoring: Tracks real-time heart rate automatically & continuously and automatically tracks your sleep duration & consistency with comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data, helping you adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle
  • All-day Activity Tracking: Accurately record all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep status
  • Multi-Sport Modes & Connected GPS: 14 exercise modes help you better understand specific activity data; Connect the GPS on your cellphone can show run stats like pace and distance and record a map of your workout route
  • See Calls & Messages on Your Wrist: Receive call, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) notifications on display; never miss the messages that matter
  • Built-in USB Plug: Easy to charge with any USB block and computer; no charging cable and dock needed; one single charge gives you up to 7 days of working time

3. TRENDY PRO Kids Fitness Tracker

TRENDY PRO Kids Fitness Tracker review

Trendy Pro is another vendor that wants to include the kids market in all of the fitness trackers it sells. Again, the product is virtually identical to the adult version, but because of the color selection and clasp mechanism, it’s ideal for young people.

The Trendy Pro Kids Fitness Tracker provides all the usual functionality you’d expect from a tracking device: data storage, call, and text alerts, sedentary reminders, sleep tracking, and activity tracking.

Perhaps the most novel feature is the “anti-lost” system. You can trigger the device to produce an audio alert from your phone or tablet, helping you locate it. (Always a good idea if your child accidentally loses it down the side of the sofa).

Is the device actually any good, though?

The best thing about the device is the accuracy. Trendy Pro includes accurate sensing technology, which makes it super simple to keep track of how many steps your child takes or the quality of their sleep. The sensing apparatus of the device is second to none.

The downside is something you would have thought would be easy to sort out: the size of the wrist band. The band is just too large for a lot of children, especially those in the four to seven range, which seems to be the kids market’s primary focus. Making this product more child-friendly means making it the right size.

What type of child will benefit most from this tracker? Ideally, one with a curious and inquisitive mind. The Trendy Pro Kids fitness tracker is not a simplistic product.

Kids Fitness Tracker Activity Tracker for Kids - Waterproof Smart Watch for Girls Boys Digital Watch Kids Alarm Pedometer Walking Sleep Activity Step Counter Smart Phone - 2 Bands Blue Kids Gifts Set
1,943 Reviews
Kids Fitness Tracker Activity Tracker for Kids - Waterproof Smart Watch for Girls Boys Digital Watch Kids Alarm Pedometer Walking Sleep Activity Step Counter Smart Phone - 2 Bands Blue Kids Gifts Set
  • THE ORIGINAL KIDS FITNESS TRACKER SMART WATCH – The Gift Set Includes Activity Tracker, Two Bands, in Black and Blue, Activity Tracking Reward Chart, and Charger. The Kids Smartwatch Wristband features a slim design, HD display, and touch key and a soft band that is adjustable to fit everyone in your family, the updated strap is suitable for girls, boys with an extra small wrist, teens, women, men, elderly. Pick your Fitness Tracker Smart Watch today and get 1 FREE wristband in Blue.
  • MAKES FITNESS FUN WITH SMART TECH - Our fitness wristband promotes regular exercise and physical activity in a fun way. It features vibrating reminders for physical activity, hand washing, silent alarms, and notifications. It also includes a Kids and Family Reward Chart that provides encouragement. You can set your own activity goals and sleep targets in the app, and help your child do the same on the poster. Watch your kid run around counting steps to hit the goal and achieve the weekly reward.
  • WITHSTANDS SWEAT & MOISTURE - Our Fitness Activity Tracker Pedometer Watch is rated IP67 waterproof – it was designed to withstand bumps and tumbles and it functions perfectly well even when exposed to moisture. Feel free to let your child sweat it out during exercise work out and play, shower, wash hands, and play in the rain. Swimming for a prolonged period or deep underwater is not recommended.
  • QUALITY BONDING TIME - This kids' digital watch is designed to give you and your child the opportunity to work together by setting goals for physical activity and sleep hours. Get a pair for everyone in the family and watch how a healthy competition for the highest number of steps can turn into a fun and rewarding activity. See your child feeling proud and encouraged to do every day. Also, a comment: "Wow how did you get that many steps today?" makes a perfect icebreaker for non-talkative kids.
  • NEW DELUXE GIFT PACK FITS THE SMALLEST WRIST - We, at TRENDY PRO, are proud that we were the first company in the US to release a Fitness Tracker designed for kids in 2017. We had an overwhelming success serving kids over the age of 10. The market response was loud and clear - we were asked to release new bands that would fit younger kids. Now, in 2020 we are happy to offer a new adjustable band that fits the smallest child's wrist but also may fit you (See the size chart for measurements).

4. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker review

Fitbit, the most famous of all the fitness tracker brands, unsurprisingly makes a product for kids. You don’t wear the Fitbit Zip on your wrist, as you do the other products in this review. Instead, you wear it wherever it will clip on your body, such as the seam on your trousers.

Fitbit argues that having a non-wrist location opens up options for users. People, they say, should be able to wear their fitness trackers wherever they want, not just on their arms. The problem, of course, is that having a fitness tracker that clips onto clothing can’t take direct body measurements like blood pressure, or track the quality of your sleep. You’re limited to activity, and even then wearing it somewhere else can create issues.

The battery can be an issue too. The product works well, as do most products from Fitbit, but the battery isn’t rechargeable. You need to replace it every few months or so if you want to carry on using the device. In a world where people expect to recharge their electronics, this feature may come back to bite Fitbit.

You can, however, see why the company has decided to target children with this particular product. The Zip is a heavily armored piece of kit, able to withstand all but the harshest of abuse. The basic dot matrix display is reminiscent of a Nintendo Gameboy or Tamagotchi of old.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Magenta
2,501 Reviews
Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Magenta
  • Tracks steps, distance and calories burned
  • Syncs automatically to your computer or select bluetooth 4.0 smartphones or tablets
  • Set goals, view progress and earn badges
  • Share and compete with friends throughout the day
  • Free iphone and android application

5. LeapFrog LeapBand

LeapFrog LeapBand review

The LeapFrog is perhaps the only product in this review which you could not wear as an adult. Everything about it, from the artwork to the chunky design, screams “child.”

To the average adult, the LeapBand is an ugly product. The thick bezel area (more extensive than of the screen itself) and the loud colors make it something of a monstrosity. However, the market for this product is not adults but children.

The device itself is meant to be an education. LeapFrog even say in their marketing materials that the wearable facilitates learning and helps to instill healthy habits. It teaches children about the importance of mealtimes and why they need to get enough sleep. There’s nothing particularly innovative about the device, except for the fact that it packages up all the usual fitness tools that adults want in a child-friendly guise.

Take the activity alert system, for instance. If the device detects that a child is too sedentary and that it might be damaging their health, it’ll issue an alert. But instead of just telling the child that they have been sitting down for too long, it asks them to move in a fun way like “doing a kangaroo.”

What about battery life? Unlike many of the trackers we’ve discussed so far, the LeapBand uses a large color screen. The advantage of this is that you can depict compelling images on the device itself. The downside, however, is that this cuts the battery life and means that you have to replace them more often than you’d like.

LeapFrog LeapBand, Blue
408 Reviews
LeapFrog LeapBand, Blue
  • Experience the first activity tracker made for kids—LeapBand is fit made fun!
  • Preload LeapBand with 50 active challenges that get kids moving, like “Pounce like a lion!"
  • Parent controls on LeapFrog Connect make it easy to set play times, challenges and more.
  • Encourages active play, nurturing and healthy choices.
  • Ages 4-7 years.

So, in conclusion, LeapFrog gets something right with their LeapBand. They’ve made a product that targets children and makes the quantified self interesting. The LeapBand turns something that could have been exceptionally dry into a fun activity. If you are wondering how one would work in real life, here is a good YouTube video demonstrating how it works:

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